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They were all climbing the tree. Everyone of them was doing everything they could to ascend up into the heights of this Bradford Pear that stands next to our driveway. For some reason this tree has been the focus of our kids attention for the past few weeks. They love getting themselves up into the top of this tree to see how far they can see, to evade the oncoming danger of the attack of whatever game they are playing at the time, or to hide where someone else can’t find them in the current game of tag.

We’ve lived in this particular house just 8 months now and, I promise, our kids are having more fun and making more friends during these last months, than all the time spent at our previous house. It probably has nothing to do with the house, but the neighborhood and the fact that there are at least kids around.

They are doing everything they can to get in, stay in and get higher. All of them.

Biblical Living

Explosive Power

Years ago, when we lived in Mexico, we were attending a team gathering in Guadalajara. We were there to do some learning from some of our missions team who had been serving in Mexico for decades and had done some amazing work among the Mexican people.
It’s been a long time since this took place but from what I can remember, we were driving from their home to a place where we were going to do some house church stuff and on the way, we came upon a taco truck that was engulfed in fames!
Like anyone in the moment, it totally took us by surprise and we stopped in our tracks, middle of the road, staring at this sight, wondering what to do. We had just turned down the road where this truck was on fire and had little choice but to back up and get away from it.
People were screaming on the street cautioning people to get away, as far as they could, because just in front of the trailer was a huge 100 gallon propane tank that was ready to blow at any minute.
This experience was terrifying to say the least, and we were able to get away from it without trouble. I don’t think anyone else was hurt in the process either, but my heart goes out to all those lost tacos.

A moment of silence…

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Worth The Wait

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Do you ever wish you would have come built-in with the ability to be super patient?
Frankly, I can’t say that I do. I’m not a very patient person, but than, I’m not sure I know many very patient people to compare myself too. Maybe that’s wrong and I’m just confused, but no matter, the reality is that we all struggle in the area of patience.

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Heaven on Earth

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In 2013, Crystal and I renewed our wedding vows with a few friends and family. It was supposed to take place at our home in Chambersburg, but the weather was less than cooperative and we ended up having it at our Church.

It was a great ceremony. Simple, profound, memorable and very special for the both of us. In many ways, it was more special than our wedding day 10 years prior. With this day came 10 years of memories, stories, experiences and situations that we had endured together. We had life together and we were more committed to our unity than ever before.

The day after our vow renewal, we went on a second honeymoon. It was way better than our first and we felt that we were in heaven on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico on Captiva Island, Florida. It was exquisite and every bit of the relaxing togetherness we wanted to have at this point of our lives together.

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It’s Payday!!!

You’ve been hearing the news of another stimulus for sometime now and the week has finally arrived. Regardless of your feelings toward the government or your take on the decision for stimulus, it’s happening and depending on how you get your Tax Refund (if you do) will determined how you receive your stimulus package.

For many, it will simply be direct deposited into your checking out, probably this week!

I received a notification last Friday that there was a pending deposit coming Wednesday and that was enough to set the gears in motion. It’s probably doing that for you too!

How are you going to spend this money?

What’s that thing you’ve been holding off getting until you had some cash?

Before you go and blow that entire deposit on something that will just rot your teeth and your mind, let me help you get some perspective on ways to maximize your government payday.

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How you can STOP missing your potential!

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How many times have you been told NO in your last few days?

I get so tired of people telling me NO! Maybe you’re the same way.

It comes from everywhere, all the time. But now days, the no is a creative negative. It’s not that people are telling you no, they are telling you some rendition to get them out from what you are asking.

“I’m too busy”.
“Maybe you should look over there.”
“That’s a great idea, but I’m not equipped to handle what you’re asking.”

All versions of the word NO.

I’ve come to realize that one person’s “NO” is another person’s opportunity

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Are you a stingy person?

Sorry that was abrupt. Didn’t mean to force you into the icy deep end of the pool before you were ready!

Warm up a bit, grab a cup of something steamy and settle in for a read worth your consideration.
Stoke the fire while you’re at it, and get all cozy inside.

Now, back to our consideration. Do you consider yourself a stingy person?


What were you expecting

Have you ever stopped and thought about the level of your expectations?

Just humor me for a minute.

What are your expectations of your kids?

Do you expect them to behave? To obey? To clean up their dishes after dinner? To do their homework?

How about your marriage or our spouse in particular? Do you expect them to be faithful? Do you expect a certain element of role they will fulfill?

What about your job, do you expect them to pay you?

See what I mean?


My lungs are burning

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My lungs are burning. I haven’t felt that feeling in months now as I’ve allowed Corona to become my excuse for lethargy. When the virus commanded that all fitness locations be closed for mitigation, that became all the excuse I needed to dive into the recesses of my laziness and give into my desire for rest.
Six months later and I feel every bit of that lethargy in my daily grind because I now suffer from non-exercise pain and can’t make it through the day with any sort of situational clarity and determination.