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We’re gonna be okay

I know today seems so hard. Forgive me, but it might get worse. We really have no clue, but what I do know and understand is that the Light of the Church shines brightest when the problems of the entire world seem darkest. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that, It looks pretty dark outside right now.

What are we supposed to do?
Well, during timeframes of uncertainty like this, there are only a few things we can do.

  • We hold on to hope. It’s tough to hold on to anything when all you can see if everything that looks hopeless. That’s because no matter where you look right now, the loudest and most resounding message are the bleak headlines of greater problem. You’ve got to hold on to something that reminds of you of the hope of a greater good. To me, that’s nothing but worship. When I put myself into the place of worship, I can literally put myself at the feet of Jesus in the Throne Room of Grace and when I get there, all I find it the comfort I am missing in the darkness of our current reality.
  • Pray. There is something incredibly profound in the prayerful determination of a people in passionate pursuit of the Lord. Beside this, it was His very directive, 2 Chronicles 7:13-16.
  • Talk. What I find most hopeful in seasons like this is the determined resiliency of the American People. There is a tenacity that seems to come built into us that can be fostered when we get together. I believe that is the incredible value in what our church calls, Circles. We gather to connect over our deficiency and when that timeframe is past, I find a reinvigorated tenacity that was lying just below the surface.
  • Laugh. In seasons so dark, laughter seems so far away, but studies have shown the incredible value in a good laugh.
    Recently, we were having our family devotions just before we headed off to bed, and when we got to the place where we all share prayer requests together and then pray for each other, it came to Eli’s time to pray. Being the joker that she is, she just started laughing, hysterically! It was probably because she was way over tired, but all of us just started laughing with her and could not stop—Over nothing! It was…healing.
  • Watch Netflix, eat ice cream. That part is just for me because I love ice cream.
  • Stay as routine as possible. Don’t ever underestimate the incredible power of routine. This social distancing thing has wrecked this part of life, but try… I am determined that for me, I’m going to exercise in the morning again, without a gym. Because I know it unlocks for me, the incredible power of routine.
  • Grace. Give yourself and those around you the grace to not do so well with a hard season.

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Learning the Hard Way

Our first house. Can you remember your first house? Maybe not the one you first lived in, but the first one you owned and really made your own. You could choose all the paint colors and maybe a few decorative tweaks you wanted to make as you moved into your first real home!?

I can remember those days and the little house that Crystal and I fell in love with. We didn’t think we would be able to buy it, we’d never done this before and it was all so exciting and scary at the same time.
You know they say this is the biggest financial decision of your life- so don’t screw it up!

I remember how excited we were when we started painting through every room of that house making it our own. We didn’t have much residual money at the time so we couldn’t afford to do any more than just paint, but we had so many aspirations of what we’d eventually make this home into.

One of the biggest things we wanted to do was a simple upgrade the kitchen oven.

That doesn’t sound that hard. Not that big of a deal at all really.

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Confession Time

I have a flaw. Just one.


But it’s a big one! =) Being completely facetious here because the truth of the matter is that I have more flaws that I know what to do with.

My biggest flaw can actually be a tremendous benefit as well but isn’t that the nature of some of these things.

Here we go…

My biggest flaw is that there is nothing I think I cannot do

You were thinking it was going to be something more, weren’t you? You’re a little disappointed, aren’t you? Be honest, you are.

In reading that, it looks positive, especially in the context of our current society where you see people giving up everything because they are just lazy. People in every culture settle for so much less than they should have because they just give up on themselves. They’ve never disciplined themselves to endure through the physical pain of telling your body that you can. You’ve heard the term “mind over matter”? Well, it’s true right here.

My problem is that I look at every situation and say, “Yes, Yes I Can.” Yes, I can build that. Yes, I can paint that. Yes, I can preach that. Yes, I can go there. Yes, I can figure that out.

While it’s awesome to have a YES I CAN attitude, it also gets me in a lot of trouble. By declaring my determination, I am also essentially making a promise to someone that I will take on a certain amount of stress.

What you have to look at with this declaration of determination is where we are making promises. While the positive is, on one hand, there is a negative on the other.
Lets clear this up. Recently in our church building project, I declared that Yes We Can paint the entire facility ourselves and essentially save a boatload of cash in the process. Keep budget low and provide opportunities for insider ownership, that was my goal.
But not everyone shared my goal, and my emphatic determination quickly turned into a curse that began to make me bitter. It fleshed out on a Thursday night after I took my little girl to ballet practice and after, around 8PM, I went to the building to finished painting the ceiling of the space.
Around 11PM I wrapped up, cleaned out and drove home and on the way I had to evaluate, was this yes worth it? and if so, to whom was it worth it?
Was it worth it to the rest of my family that I had to say “No” to that evening?
Was it worth it to the church that was receiving the cost savings?
Was it worth it to the person that will months from now, walk through the doors of the building?

Each one of those questions is being answered in one way or the other through the declaration of YES I CAN.

I’m at a place in my life, where, for the very first time, I feel that my time is more valuable than my money. Just because, YES I CAN, doesn’t mean that YES I SHOULD.

I’m all about saving shekels but at the cost of what? Does it matter to my son?
In ten years, will he care that I help paint the church ceiling or will he be marked with the thought that, “dad cared more about paint than hanging with me.”

You see how this declaration of determination can transform into a great flaw?
I guarantee you one thing, I’ve learned some things in the process and moving forward, I know to ask these questions ahead of time.

What’s your greatest flaw (if you dare to declare)?
How do you wrestle with situations like this?


Break the Resistance

I’m in a funk today. Can’t break out of it. I know what it takes to break free, but I don’t want to do it. Too lazy. Uninspired. Indifferent. I just don’t care today. Besides that, I’m tired. The reason I’m tired is because I haven’t broken free from the resistance. All I have to do is look the hard ugly image of resistance in the face and tell it to get off. Man that’s hard to do.

Resistance comes in so many different forms. It’s the small voice in the morning telling you that the sleep you got last night was not enough and so you should sleep longer. It’s the sensation telling you that you really do deserve another drink or piece of cake. It’s the notion that you should just linger a little longer because whatever it is that you should be doing can wait.

We know this! If resistance is allowed to win, we accomplish nothing. We atrophy. We watch every other person decide that someone else will forge ahead and we have succumb to the invisible forces that restrict, suffocate, drown, and wither beneath the seemingly unmovable force of resistance.

I’ve got to determine to be a resistance fighter.


Because it’s worth it.

Because for every day…no every opportunity! that resistance takes over in my life, I’ve essentially lost something. I won’t let that happen. How much has been lost to ingenuity because someone was restrained by the powerful dark forces of resistance?

Today we become resistance fighters! Raise your fist in the face of restraint and cast it off. Look that resistance square in the eye and determined that today is not your day! It’s mine, so back off and let me do my work, conquer my worlds, create new ones, or change someone else’s.

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Lessons for my Crew- Hard Work

Work hard boys. There’s nothing more valueable than the beauty of scared hands.

Learn to fix thing that are difficult to figure out. It will make you want to pull your hair out and cause bruised and bloody knuckles but when you’re finished, you’ll look at your hard work with admiration and accomplishment in your eyes.

Some of the proudest moments of my life are wrapped around projects of complexity. Things that stood taller, felt stronger, and were heavier than I could do on my own.

Don’t shy away from things that are too tough for you. You must not resort to defeat because a thing is too confusing. You have what it takes to figure it out. You’re smart enough, your strong enough, the only thing that you must decide is that you are resilient enough!

The strength of your mind is the most resilient power you possess. Only you are able to allow someone to defeat the power of your mind.
There will always be someone stronger than you.
There will always be someone smarter than you.
There will aways be someone wealthier than you.

The only thing they don’t have on you, is the power of what you don’t tell them. Hold fast the power of your determination. Let them think you’re defeated, only to show them later on, they had no effect on your resilience.

Lessons for my crew

You’re Worth More than You Think You Are!

Photo by Alex Lopez on Unsplash

How much time do you spend looking in a mirror?

That can vary with every person, can’t it?

I spend next to no time in front of a mirror, whereas my wife, is tied up there for a while longer! My daughter, Taylor, still more than that. There is just this sense of perfection that needs to be finished, and clearly, that takes time.

It’s one thing to get ready in front of a mirror, but have you ever just looked at yourself in mirror? What do you see?

Clearly, a reflection. That’s what you see, a representation of yourself.

People don’t typically look at themselves, they look for the flaws they can fix, do what they can, and then move on.

Grand Point - Ship

Where Hope Is Found

Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

My wife arranges all my clothes for me as I am completely crippled when it comes to anything fashionable. You know you have a loving spouse when they do things like that.

Let me really wow you though. Not only does she arrange my clothes for me, but she also pics out sample designs put them into a picture collage and print them out for me to reference so I can feel like I do it myself.

What a wife!

So as part of this style, she started making me sport wristbands, calling them accessories. I didn’t know I needed accessories, but here we are…

Someone gave me the most amazing wristband recently. It’s literally the coolest thing ever. It has coordinates on it. They gave them to me and Crystal together and when we input the coordinates, you’ll never believe what they point to….


How are you with your goals?

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

We’re one month into the new year already and it’s a really good time to take a look at your goals and see if you’re on track with where you’re hoping you’d be.

If not, take stock. Where are you getting side tracked that you need to reign in?

Where are you being lazy that you need to step up?

For me, I realized that I am beginning to neglect my routine and when routine goes out the window, productivity is soon to follow.

One of the best tools I have found for this is just formatting or pre-planning your ideal week. It’s a genius idea that Michael Hyatt unveils in so much of his content.

I formatted my ideal week when I got an assistant so she would always know what my best work flow was and how to accomodate. She also knows how she can arrange her own schedule based on what I may or may not need. Just for kicks, I’ll show you what it looks like here.

Some of you may think I’m out of my mind and you may be right, but what I’ve found is that when I come up with something to aim at, an ideal, I get a lot more done than just shooting from the hip at what I think I should be doing.

I also spend a bit of time considering the goals I really want to make a dent in. Sometime what I find is that I get bogged down in the right now rather than the really important stuff I want to accomplish. To combat that, you’ve got to have a place to look. Write these goals down and determine to revisit them at least every week. Maybe two or three times every week. Then adjust your focus to ensure your fitting in a piece of that major goal.

Whatever it is, start, today, right now and maybe the start is just deciding what you’re ideal should be and moving from there.


Full Focus Planner

The first time I showed someone my Full Focus Planner, they thought I had lost my mind! Planners, typically, are a dime a dozen and you get one for Christmas and use it all year.

If it’s anything near descent, it’ll give you a glimpse of the month, the week, and the day and have some form to keeping you on track with your annual goals.
But the Full Focus Planner takes all that, magnifies it, puts it on steroids and what you are left with is the single best planning resource you can get your hands on.

It’s over 300 pages of high quality paper and the best lay-flat binding you’ll find in a book, and it only covers 1/4 of a year. That’s typically where people gasp and decide those of us who use it are just nuts.

What I’ve found is a tool that helps me dream big and match my effort to the dreams I’m actually want to accomplish. For me, it has become more than worth it.

If you really want to up your game on your productivity, this is a tool you really need in your arsenal.

You should head straight to their webpage and get a first hand look at this piece and consider it for your workspace.