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John 15 And Joy

I CAN fit all this in my mouth!

John 15 has always been a super profound bible text to me. It seems to really draw and center right at the heart of Jesus himself and his heart and passion for his closest friends.

This being just days, maybe even hours before his death, and knowing that, he takes this super intense opportunity to pinpoint his passion for the church, both present and future, about some things they may not understand for years to come.

Today I find this part of the heart of Christ something so rich and caring for us his other closest friends, but it’s disclosed in a way that we really need to fully understand before it completely hits home.

His purpose is clearly to get us to abundance and he unpacks this after twice reminding us of our position in him. He is the vine, we are the branch and when we completely embrace that concept John remembers that “the harvest is sure to be abundant”.

There is literally nothing I want more in life than abundance. Just the nature of that word makes my mind race with excitement of what could be.

What might God be thinking about my life in particular when it comes to being abundant? First off, what does abundant even mean?

It’s a descriptor, plentiful, bounteous, ample, more than enough, lavish, abounding, generous, man I can’t think of better words by which I would like my life to be characterized.
At the end of my days, I would totally love to be able to look over my course and describe it as abounding and generous, Abundant. To be filled with more than enough of everything in life.
I know, I know. It’s still too ambiguous.
How about this, imagine the thing that brings you the most joy. Capture that in your mind.

For me today, it’s the face of my littlest running up to me telling me our favorite joke, when she wiggles her little finger at me and says, “daddy, no hugs, no kisses” and I scoop her up and hug all over her, or she wraps her arms around my neck and tries to squeeze as hard as a two-year-old can.

To me, that’s joy. I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything.

But even that moment has to take me on a journey, because every time I hear those words, “Daddy, no hugs” I have to relive how Eliana even came into our home and the faith building story it was to even make her part of our family. (Another post for another day) but that adds to my joy. It makes it even more abundant because it accentuates the splendor of an amazing God and his faithfulness.

That is abundance, and really, only the very beginning of it.

I want to be a part of this abundance and I want a lot of it!

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