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3 Strategies to Find MORE Time

There must be a place where things disappear. Some third dimension or other world where there must be a mound of socks the size of the Rocky Mountains. Maybe a slightly smaller mountain of pillowcases, I can never find the pillowcases that match after we’ve washed all 7 sets of sheets in our house for us and all our kids.

Along with that is a pile of my tools that have gone missing, undoubtedly, thanks to my beloved and cherished children, who have borrowed them. I hit something the other day while mowing the grass, and watched a pair of my pliers being projected out the side of my tractor like a missile. Guess that tool had not yet be teleported to the land of lost tools and socks and pillowcases. “Thanks Kids, love you” I declare with gritted teeth and a sinister smile.

In this same land must be a load of time because I seem to have lost a lot of that also. At the end of the day, it seems as though literally, hours have gone missing and I wonder how it’s being robbed from right before my eyes. Have you ever been here before? It’s a fairly commonplace to find yourself, but I don’t believe you have to stay here and I suspect that there might just be a way to get this time before it evaporates through whatever teleportation device is capturing it.

Let’s face it, we all have fantasies about book reading on the deck while sitting in front of a chiminea with some sort of drink and your spouse. But the reality is that the kids won’t go to bed, the phone is “pinging” and there’s still work to be done that didn’t get checked off from the day. And so we carry on and the chiminea stays cold because, well, I don’t have the time.

I’m in the same boat you are here, so before you think that “Pastor Kevin has it all figured out” just know that I’m a recovering work addict also, so why don’t we try some things together.

1) Schedule it
Michael Hyatt declares, 

“What get’s scheduled, gets done.”

Pretty simple statement and yet such profound wisdom.
Even for things that you think are rudimentary, schedule it. Whatever system that is, a planner, google calendar, post-it notes, my wife uses a whiteboard, whatever that is for you, put it on the calendar. Now you have a reason to say “no” to everything else.

2) Stop lying to yourself
We’re all caught in this trap because we currently wear our busyness like it’s a badge of honor, but you seriously need to stop telling yourself that you’re too busy. It’s a lie and it’s causing you to not do the things you love. Start telling yourself this truth, I have the time! What you’ll soon realize is that even in the busyness, you’ll start to integrate these amazing refueling experiences into your life because you are suddenly finding your lost time.

3) Start saying “No”
Quite possibly the reality is that you’ve simply said “yes” to a few too many things and it’s time to start saying “no”. You want your time to have mattered to the ones you love the most and yet so often they are the first ones to whom we say “no”.

Look at your life and find one thing you can say no to right now.

Now it’s wrong to say no to me, and if I ever come asking for help with whatever, you should just say yes =). Kidding! (sort of) 

So how about you, do you struggle with this lost time thing like I do?

What’s one thing fantasize about doing, but can’t seem to find the time? 

One thought on “3 Strategies to Find MORE Time”

  1. Natascha Mccurley says:

    Great reminder and so encouraging – I guess i just have to keep my distance from Kevin on Sundays, so i won’t have to say “yes” to him, just kidding (sort of) 😉

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