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Boyz II Men

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Recently while I was away at a cabin for a few days, I spent a lot of time praying.
I’ve always loved these periodic times away that my wife makes me do yearly. I love that she values me that much. It’s such a refreshing time that usually fuels me for months to come.

During this time away, God really spoke to me about my fathering. I believe that fathering (or parenting for that matter) is something to be faced with a lot of intentionality. It’s not something that we can be super passive about but needs to be something that is really guarded with specificity.

God took me to this particular verse that I’ve read a thousand times before, but this time gave a sense of parenting that I felt I really needed. Proverbs 1:8 NIV, “Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mothers teaching.”

The very nature of this one verse tells me loads about what I should be doing as a parent. 1) my kids are looking at me for instruction. 2) They are looking at momma too. 3) They are looking at the way I back up momma. 4) I’m either teaching my kids out of wise words or foolish ones.

Before I left my time at the cabin I made a few enormous realizations.

I realized that my time a lot at the cabin is now finished. The next time I go to this cabin a few of my boys (or kids) need to make that journey with me. I need to teach them how to wrestle with the word of God and make it come alive in their hearts and lives.

They need to experience life in the woods and the thrill of being alone in a forest.

I also realized all of my kids needs some very intentional leading in their lives so I put a list together of things I feel I need to strive to teach my kids over the coming years. We’ll explore those over the coming days.

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  1. Nic says:

    This is excatly what i needed and hope sharing this qill reach out to those I pray for… and Boyz II Men lol I see what you did there!

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