Tender Moments

What a picture that is. This is Grayson the day before the launch of Grand Point Church Shippensburg. We had gathered together a few of our team to pray over the space and what God had intended. We sat, kneeled on the floor in a circle with Pastor Lawrence leading us and here’s Grayson in this position of humility and petition. It was incredibly humbling to watch Grayson put himself in this position and something he could have only learned from watching someone else.

In this humble moment, while my mind was torn between the pending opening day, my heart also took steps toward being a father and my most important role of leading my kids to Jesus.

When kids are young like Grayson is, spiritual development moments seem sporadic at best. So when they come they deserve to be celebrated with exuberance. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been the best leader when it comes to developing these moments. I’ve always struggled with what Spiritual development looks like from a father to his kids. This shows me it’s connecting somewhere.

Years ago, on my first day of my master’s degree, I really heard the Lord impressing on my the responsibility of leading my kids in the presence of Jesus rather than just in his proximity. It’s a travesty to find that while they knew of him, they never actually knew him personally. What kind of pastor would I be if that were the case!?

This shows me one thing very profound, my kids are watching and they want to learn. I’ve got to take these opportunities while they may be found and create them with intentionality rather than hope they get it. It’s my job to command them and to direct them in the way of the Savior.

Help me out here, what do you do to intentionally lead your kids to Jesus on a personal level?

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