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Go Watch This Movie!

Christopher Robin. (Ewan McGregor) with his long time friend Winnie the Pooh in Disney’s live-action adventure CHRISTOPHER ROBIN.

Yesterday I took some flex time to just be with my family for a few hours. Since my kids were out of school for the day and Crystal was super under the weather, I decided in advance that my best yes needed to be directed toward them rather than anywhere else.

That became apparent to me when I was putting my kids to bed Sunday night. Sunday was a whirlwind of a day. Church always does a number on me and I’m all but worthless on Sunday afternoon. I don’t leave anything on the table after I preach –you’re welcome– so when I come home I succumb to my post preaching hangover. Sunday evening we had a big planning meeting that was going to take hours. We came home to get the kids tucked into bed and my 11-year-old looks me in the eye over the rails of his top bunk and asks, “Dad, you working tomorrow?” I smiled and said, “nope, I’m hanging with you!” He said, “YES!” with exuberance and that made my heart smile and my face followed.

I needed to work. I never feel like I have everything done. Ever. Have you ever been there before? Like today and right now, you feel that way, don’t you? Me too.

So Monday, we declared it a together day. I had one short meeting I couldn’t break from, but the kids came too. Then we went out to lunch, just the kids and I. On our way home we stopped to get super necessary flu supplies for Momma who was really not feeling well. And we picked up the movie Christopher Robin. I thought they’d like it and Crystal had pointed it out to me over the weekend.

After dinner, we settled in to watch this sweet movie and I was blown away at the alignment of what I’ve been preaching these last weeks. From a world perspective, it declares everything I’ve been saying (but without the biblical relevance).

This Best Yes thing is a real problem! For me, I see it most in the eyes of my kids. They are desperately wanting to know us. They have no idea what’s coming for them as their years go by. I even get emotional and almost tearful thinking about that reality sitting here in Starbucks. We have this one opportunity that covers a measly 18 years to put a lasting impression on them and for a short period of that timeframe, they actually want our attention and interaction.

You need to plan a family movie night and watch that movie. Talk about it together, what you’re going to do as a family to “redeem the time”. Don’t lose these moments, this might just be your Best Yes.

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  1. Alisha Smith says:

    On the agenda for Saturday night here!

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