I know how you can win the lottery, Ask me How!

How would you like to win the lottery? Good Lord who wouldn’t want to win the lottery! Let’s face it, you’ve thought about what you would have done if you did. You know the first thing you would buy. How big the house would be you’d have for yourself, maybe for your parents too. The pool it would have, how close it would be to the beach and the car that would be parked in the garage. Oh, it’d be awesome.

But let’s face it, the chances of you or me winning any sort of significant lottery is super unlikely.
But what if…. What if there were a way to plan a lottery win?

What if there was a way to decide the outcome of a lottery so that you knew there would be no way you could lose!?

Do I have your attention yet?
I may be crazy, but I believe there is a way to do just such a thing and I want to include you.

I was reading in Proverbs recently and came across this line- 21:5NLT

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity

Now to me, that sounds just like some very practical advice. If you think in terms of years and decades than you should be able to cautiously move through life and end up #winning. (Hashtag added for cultural relevance, so I can be in with the cool kids 😉

The flip side of that verse is really also true, 5b

but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.

That’s the “in the moment” decision. The car that we didn’t need but could not pass up. Goodness, this even trickles down to everyday decisions that simply whittle away at a long-term goal, like going out to eat.

You would not believe how costly it is to go out to each repeatedly. Think about the cost of your eating practices over a years worth of time. Say 4 times a month at about $40 each, you’re spending upwards of $2000 a year just in food that’s not going to stick with you till morning! Are you cool with that?

If that fits into your long-range plan than awesome! But for me and my house, we won’t serve Red Robin with my long-term lottery win. You can find that verse in the book Hesitations (it’s only found in the Kevin version of the Word.)

I don’t agree with everything he says, but Dave Ramsey has a super good quote that you should learn:

If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.

Sounds pretty smart to me!

How about you, as you plan out the length of your days, what would living the lottery dream look like to you?

I’m not talking facetiously, I’m asking actually. What will your life look like if you decided that today you were going to plan for your life to be wealthy in your future?

What do you need to change?

What do you need to stop?

What do you need to sell?

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