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What’s Most Important?

Because of the sheer velocity of life right now and learning to juggle so many different things, it’s become very important to evaluate what’s most important in life and say no to just about everything else.

The very creative, Steve Jobs said, ”Innovation is saying no to 1000 things.” I love creativity and innovation. If it can be done better than we should try. If it’s always been done this way than maybe it’s time to disrupt that flow and try something new. But to do that, we’ve got to be super intentional about what’s most important.

My little Crew. They trump my list right now. I try to find some sort of intentional moment each day with each of my family. Whether that is just a few moments of eye contact, or a game, a conversation, something to just focus on them. They may not remember these moments, but they will certainly remember the moments I missed.

Crystal Dawn. I love spending time with my best friend. We have so much to still get to know about each other and she makes me better when I’m with her. I really find it fun to create time and opportunity to hang out together. She bought us an inflatable hot tub this year and it’s been wonderful for that. Several times we’ve gone out for just a few minutes and a few minutes has most of the time turned into an hour of great conversation.

Great Friends. Relationships are the stuff of life. In fact, I believe that sewing into relationships is an act of Worship. Think about it for a minute. Everything about Jesus revolved around people. When we are specific and intentional about relationships, we are doing Jesus stuff.

God. I want to be very clear about this so as not to throw you off. God is not on my todo list. I don’t have a specific “bible reading” time I try to accomplish every day. I don’t beat myself up at the end of the day if I haven’t read my bible and prayed. I believe a relationship with God is supposed to be lived in the view of each moment rather than a moment in itself. Let’s integrate God into everything rather than try to restrict him to a single spot of the day.

Notice how everything on my list is about people. I’m learning right now those are the things that are most crucial. Literally, nothing else matters. At the end of the day, it’s not about the job or accomplishment, it’s about the relationship. That becomes the filter for everything.

What’s most important to you and how do you struggle with making decisions to sew into those things? What about having to let some other things go? Is that difficult?

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