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Hope Dealers

My favorite sentiment about being a Christ follower right now is that he has literally called us to become hope dealers to the world around us.
One of my favorite passages in the Bible is found in Acts 3 where Peter and John encounter a lame man begging for whatever on the steps leading up to the church. I’ve always found the imagery of that story so vivid and telling of the state of our “religious system” in the world today. Hope is being withheld by churches so people have resorted to trying to find outside the church rather than inside.

I wrote recently about the man who was just looking for help to get from one place to another because his nephew had been hit by a bus. Terrible story, but that was all he was concerned about. Nothing else mattered at that moment but getting to his nephew who may have been fighting for his life. This guy I met needed someone to care about his life and situation and just offer some hope. I was called to be a hope dealer that day, and I answered the call. I wish I was wearing my t-shirt.

Peter and John interact with this man who asks for a simple handout, silver or gold. Nothing more. A coin. A shekel. A biscuit. Maybe some Chick-fil-A, but let’s not get carried away.
Peter and John looked at the man and beheld him in their gaze. Luke writes that the man literally stared at them. How long does it take to stare? Three seconds? I’d say that, at least, if not more. He stared at them, expecting to get something from them. And naturally, he should have expected to get something from them.
I love their response—We don’t have silver or gold, but I will give, what I do have. So huge.

I will give, what I do have.

What if we all started living with that mentality. I will give what I do have.
Just say that right now. Speak those life-changing words. I WILL give what I do have.
I don’t have everything. I don’t need everything. In fact, maybe I don’t need any more than I have right now, but I WILL give what I DO have. Not what I don’t have, but what I do have.

What do you have?

You have hope.

The moment of your salvation you became a hope dealer. Empowered, enabled, equipped and well stocked with ample hope.

Hope comes in so many different forms. Time. Prayer. Words. Care. Dinner. Biscuits. Chick-fil-A. Even plata (that would be $$$), now and again.

It’s time to deal some hope.

Share the inspiration, what’s your most recent hope dealing story?

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