Biblical Living

The Spirit of Dependance

You are not made to be self-sufficient!

There is literally nothing about your life that is intended to be self-reliant.

The very heart of God intended to create us, people, with a dependence on Him for literally everything.

There are times we go through seasons of incredible dependance or depletion that are really intended to give us that understanding that God alone is in control. While I don’t have it all spelled out, I believe he allows those times to help solidify in our minds that He is sufficient for every season. God wants us to be dependent on him whether our lives are fantastic or frustrating.

Look at the examples he gave us through His Word and imagine yourself in those situations. When God led Moses, who in turn led several million people into a desert for an extended period of time, He was doing so with the idea of daily provision. It would be on Him for every piece of bread, every drop of water, and every bit of spiritual and physical provision for decades. This didn’t exhaust God’s resources. It didn’t even put a dent on them.
It was designed on purpose that God would tell them they could only gather enough for the day and that if they kept it for the next day they’d find it would be worm infested and disgusting. Sure enough, anytime they would try to get ahead so they could take tomorrow off, they’d find worm infested bread that was worthless. He was teaching them he was sufficient for every day. He was helping them understand, we really do need the hand of God in our lives every day.

Centuries later the closest followers of Jesus would ask him to teach them what really should they be saying when they pray. Jesus demonstration led them to a specific line that we love but loathe at the same time—give us today our daily bread.

We put little thought into that line. We don’t need daily bread! I bought bread on Monday from the wonderful Walmart Grocery Pickup, which, let’s face it, was created for parents of young children. It’s their downfall now though because my children no longer have to stand in the checkout line asking if they can try, literally, every candy bar.

When we need our daily bread, we go to the bread cabinet and pull out a slice, slap some ham and gouda on that bad boy and sit down in front of the game with a Coke. The Lord hath provided our daily carb and caffeine nourishment—Praise Him =).

That’s all well and good until we realize God wasn’t telling us to ask him for daily bread. He knew that one day Wonder Bread would handle the bread issue. Our little minds have a hard time focusing on anything more than our stomachs.
He wasn’t talking about bread at all. No, clearly he was talking about BBQ pulled pork!
He was talking about Bread of Life and the Words that literally fuel us for life, day in and day out. He was reminding us of our dependence on him. It was as if he was saying,

Hey don’t venture out on this alone. You’re going to need me and my life giving words for your very existence everyday of your life.

That’s what I need today, to just fall into the presence of God that filled and surrounded by his word, which are just like sweet and smokey pulled pork.

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