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The Worldwide Famine

There’s a Worldwide famine taking place today.

It’s the largest famine the world has ever seen affecting literally billions of people. Every day more and more face their final starving moment and succumb to the numbing pains of starvation, and then they go make a sandwich and move on with their lives.

The starvation they face has nothing to do with food, but everything to do with the Bread of Life because for years now they have ignored the void of the nourishment of the Word of God in their lives. Today they find themselves facing an awkward feeling. They feel it every day, but because of ignorance, they can’t rightly identify what it is or where it comes from.
It makes people moody and depressed. It makes them lash out at ones to whom they are closest because it makes them uncomfortable, in pain and even some form of suffering.

The only solution to this is Praise and a feast in front of the Bread of Life.

Personal story…
I woke up just like I do every other day…ready for coffee. Can I get an AMEN!

I’m 37 now, not sure how I got this old. Finally!, I’m no longer the youngest in the room. People no longer look at me and say, are you old enough to be a pastor? Nope, No, I’m not. They don’t hire 12 years old to preach and pastor, but they made an exception for me.

I’ve noticed that coffee has a strange new effect on me that it hasn’t ever before—it makes me crash. I don’t really have a lot of the moments where it keeps me up all night but I sure do get caffeine crashes that are big and head on!

So I woke up, ready for coffee and I noticed I didn’t feel right. Nothing with my body but with my mind. I was missing something. Coffee wasn’t curing it. Neither did breakfast. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Had nothing in my heart to disclose to anyone, in fact, I cringed at the thought of having a conversation with anyone. Every word from people made me tense and I felt I needed to escape the room for a few minutes so I didn’t inadvertently explode on someone.

Knowing that office work would be of no benefit to me, I went to an outside place, hung my hammock and immersed myself in worship. Everything fought me to do so. I wanted to avoid, waste time, play video games, and distract, but all those things are coping mechanisms to avoid eating, feasting, in fact, on the Bread of Life.

The more worship poured in, the more my hunger sensation went away until a moment when I literally exploded in response. I couldn’t contain it anymore. Pardon, my analogy for a moment, but as if I had overeaten, and I was about to vomit, but in a super good way.

When we get filled with the Word of God, we can’t do anything release it

Jesus said in John 15 that he wants us to be overfilled with Joy.
That’s what happens when we are filled with the Bread of Life. We erupt in praise.

Are you empty today?
Are you depleted?

Let’s go more basic than that. Are you finding yourself at the point of frustration, explosion on the people you love?
Afraid of conversations and people?
You might need some Bread.
You might need some worship?
You might need an extended session with the Savior to fill you,

to fuel you

to reignite you

Go, Go find your Bread.

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