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Are you fighting Depression?

2007, one of the best years of our lives. Also one of the most difficult we’ve ever faced before. Crystal was pregnant with our son Austin. We were finishing up the deputation part of our missions career. We’d seen God moving personally in so many ways. We had our hiccups but for the most part, we were blessed, encouraged and on our way to Latin American life as we believed God was directing us to. First stop, San Jose, Costa Rica: A tropical paradise in the middle of a Spanish jungle. It would be the place where we’d learn Spanish and learn our first steps in missionary life. It would also be the place where our son would be born and little did we know, it would be the location of one of the most severe experiences with depression we would face to that point in our lives.

We didn’t know anything about depression. We were naive enough to think that it only happened to people who were weak or didn’t have a strong enough faith to get through it. We’d wrongly assumed that with enough prayer and belief, people who faced depression should be able to get through anything.

The reality is that depression has the power to seriously offset your life. It’s not something you can plan to avoid or even prevent.

It is an illness and it needs to be treated as such. We need to look at it the same as we would for a broken bone, a cold or the flu. It’s something that needs specific and intentional focus to be able to handle.

So much of our world is in a depressed state.

Having just gone through a sermon series focus on the book of Ecclesiastes, I think of Solomon’s words when he declared that “there is nothing new under the sun.” I always struggled with that thought because he lived in a day when so many things were utterly different. It finally make sense when I realized he wasn’t specifically talking about things but more lifestyles and situations.

Our world is very weary.

Our family has been through so many different seasons of life. One season I can recall was when we seemed to be coward in a corner simply waiting for the next blow to come. Whether it was medical, financial, personal or other, we knew it wouldn’t be long before something else came to cripple us. It put us in a mentality of depression. We needed help!

Knowing this, I wanted to offer you a method of hope today.

You were not meant to process through your life alone. You never were. You are not created for complete independence. You were designed to be completely dependent on an amazing God and the people he places in your life. You are for them and they are for you.

Know this, I am not a licensed counselor, but I care enough about you to at least tell you some of what I’ve learned over the years when it comes to depression. So throughout this week, we’re going to focus on this issue and we’re going walk through it together.

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