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How to deal with Depression

Have an honest conversation with someone you can trust.
Therein may lie the very first problem, how do you determine someone you can trust? The very essence of depression is that the world and all that are in it, seem to be untrustworthy. You need to objectively think through the people that you know and take a chance on having a conversation with one of them. They may not be the person that can help but they can probably point you in the direction or facilitate the contact. Speak up and have an honest conversation.

Let me prime the pump here so you can visualize who this person might be in your world:

Your spouse, if you’re married

Mom or dad, no matter what age you may be.

A sibling

Your Pastor, or a leader church

A coach, counselor, teacher at your school.

If you’re a part of our Grand Point Church, we have specific resources lined up for you and all you need to do is speak the word and we’ll help get you connected. Send an email or make a phone call to begin.

Basically, the person you would trust most in a situation where you know but opening up the depths of your heart you are going to be safe.

When I went through this season, the first phone call I made was to a wonderful friend of mine who lived literally, thousands of miles away.

Over the next months, every week he would meet with us over Skype and we received some life-giving communication to help us navigate one of the toughest situations we had ever encountered and it started with the courage to have a conversation.

That’s step one and it needs to happen right now. So stop reading, the rest of this can be attacked later. Have this conversation right now. You’re motivated, you can see the hope of having someone truly hear your voice, use that momentum right now to make that phone call.

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