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Start Talking…

As we continue fighting through this depression, it’s time to put someone in your corner.
One of the most difficult pieces of depression is the feeling that that literally every person is a threat. The tough part is trusting this person consistently knowing they are safe. Let me help in a reverse way. <If you are someone that has been trusted with the information that a person close to you is struggling with depression, than you go to them frequently and put yourself in their corner.> Having worked with people facing depression before, I’ve found that they need to be reminded daily that I am an advocate for them. I needed to connect frequently letting them know that my opinion would not change, that I would always stay in their corner as they process through this confusing and difficult situation.

If you are this trusted person, a couple pointers I have for you.

1) Never, NEVER betray that trust.

2) Always, ALWAYS, understand that hard and harsh words are going to be spoken that typically have no meaning or merit behind them.

`You cannot take personal what may be said. Understand that depression is incredibly painful and you need to be able to sympathize with that. As much as that person needs the grace to not be okay, you need to extend them that same grace. That’s how they are eventually going to be okay again.

Stop listening to yourself and start talking to yourself.
Depression can be brought on by any number of things, but one thing that seems to be common with all types are the voices that seem to speak to you when the world is utterly silent all around you.

It’s tough, although in the middle of depression, everything seems tough, to fight the voices that shout in the silence but one way to combat this is through talking to yourself. You know what you need to hear. Begin reminding yourself of the truth that you know. When you do have a positive moment, take that time to anchor yourself to what you know to be completely true. A truth that cannot be broken. That way, when you’re in the middle of a crisis you can resort back to something that you established as an unbreakable truth.

For example, in Lamentations, Jeremiah allowed his mind to race to a place where he thought even God himself was completely angry with him. Lamentations 3:1.
He needed the anchor of Romans 8 where Paul declared that nothing could separate us from the love of God that comes through Christ Jesus.

For us, when we were in the heart of this in our situation in Costa Rica, this moment of truth happened to take place in a Spanish Grammar class. I silenced the voice of my teacher and begin writing notes of truth in my journal. I found myself resorting back to that journal entry even years later because it anchored me to something that was unbreakable.

These are not things that are going to solve the problem, but they might just help you when you need it the most. Maybe it will give you a sense of determination for today that will help you with tomorrow.

The most important thing for you to do and believe is that you can make it through this. Morning is coming and soon this will be a thing of the past, but for today, make the phone call, talk to that person whoever they may be and begin the process of healing; for your sake, and for the sake of the ones you love who are standing around you wondering what in the world is going on inside of them.

Have you had some experience with depression also? What can you add that I missed? I’m not going to pretend that I’m any sort of expert on this matter, you know more than I do about this, what do people need to read that you already know?

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