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The Importance of Personal Worship

Have you ever felt you just needed to be refilled? That doesn’t make enough sense. As a Christ follower, there have been a few times where we have engaged in worship in such a way that the world around me seemed to melt. I wish the secret to those moments could be identified. 
Recently, I felt I needed to be refilled again. I’m recognizing that our Sunday is a day of rest and refuel. Maybe that’s what God meant and intended when he called is the Sabbath. He meant for us to regroup, refocus, and refuel.

Worship has a way of doing that.

This particular Sunday was a weekend when I had no immediate responsibilities so it allowed me to just attend a service and engage in worship. I was determined to do so.
With life as full as it has been lately, my mind racing a thousand miles per hour at every waking moment, I wanted the time of rest and restoration. I needed worship.

What I notice though, is that it takes time to get into that Spirit of rest and restoration. It’s like we have to forcefully quiet the noise to arrive at the worship.
There have been times when that process was never fully accomplished, and so worship came and went. It was a check off the list of the Experience Outline and the service went on.

Worship is a choice we make to enter into. It’s not something we view or watch. It’s something that erupts from the depths of our hearts.

That’s the danger of the busy world around us. The busier we get, the more buried our worship goes until it cannot rise to the surface of our hearts and erupt anymore.

The problem is that we reserve worship only for the weekend.

True worship is something that should happen in our life with consistency. Almost as though our worship should need to take a break so that life can happen rather than the reverse which is so often what takes place.

Recently, I was sitting in Panera on a very rainy day, with a sanctified cup of coffee and Bethel Music’s, God I look to You + Spontaneous playing on my iPhone. I’ve had it on repeat for about 30 minutes (which means the song has only played twice, long song =) and I’m finding my heart being stripped away off all the busyness to a place where the Spirit of God is rising to the surface.

I’m recognizing that I desperately need this moment right now.
Suddenly, I sense the fact that the restaurant around me has become my sanctuary and I’m standing in the presence of Jesus himself.

I need worship. I was made for this.

Do you realize that when we get to heaven worship will be the only thing that remains? Of all the “work” we do on this earth, all the “ministry” we involve ourselves with, worship will be the only one that continues into eternity?!

This is but a practice session of the main event.

Could it be that the anxiety you feel today, the pressure you face, the lack of productivity and desperation of life is a result of a draught of worship?

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