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This is all I ever think about, and I am depressed!

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I tell myself, I am finished! I can’t count on the Lord to do anything for me.Just thinking of my troubles and my lonely wandering makes me miserable.

That’s all I ever think about, and I am depressed.

Depression is an incredibly powerful force. Frankly, it’s more than you can ever handle. One of the lies depression tempts you to believe is that you’re in this alone and if you are ever able to get out if it, you’ll have to do it yourself and then finally you’ll be able to tell someone you made it.

Jeremiah, the author of this book, Lamentations, was clearly identifying his struggle with this inner illness. It was a lot and he was in over his head. After reading through his writing, I can’t help but wonder if Lamentations were his private journaling’s that he did not plan to release to anyone else. Clearly, God had other plans in mind to include this in the Canon of Scripture.

It becomes freeing knowing that someone else has walked this path beforehand and that leads me to want to encourage you with these thoughts on walking through this valley of darkness.

While it is painfully true, this is not a “spiritual battle” but an inner illness and you should seek help as you walk through the dark path, something freeing you need to be reminded of daily is that the Lord will provide the victory.

He is with you as you go through this.

Don’t choose to believe the lie that God will rejoin you once you pass through this “trial”. This is not a trial, this is a facet of your life and while it completely sucks, there’s no doubt about it, it is part of your life.

The Lord has already determined that you are worth it. You were worth it back then, and you will be worth it once you get through, but don’t for a minute choose to believe that you’re brokenness is cause for God to turn his back on you.

Jeremiah continued his thoughts of depression with this following statement immediately following his painful admission of depression, “Then I remember something that fills me with hope. The Lord’s kindness never fails! If he had not been merciful, we would have been destroyed. The Lord can always be trusted to show mercy each morning. Deep in my heart I say, “The Lord is all I need; I can depend on him!” Lamentations 3:18-24 CEV

Take a few moments today in your heartache and choose to remember the seasons where the Lord demonstrated his kindness to you. Remember and even write down the season when the hand of the Lord’s goodness was clearly evident as far as the eye could see. No matter how small the thing may be, remember it and give that credit to the Lord’s goodness. It’s those small reminders that will help you as you walk through this “valley of the shadow of death.”

James wrote in James 1.17, “Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect, streaming down from the Father of Lights, who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or darkness and is never subject to change.”

As difficult as it is to imagine, one day even this season will be a gift for you. Who knows what God may do with it and in this season of darkness you are going through, those words may even be insulting or excruciating for you to read, but know this, one day, this season will be a gift. You’ll have made it through. For today, don’t give up, remember the Lord’s kindness, take a step toward healing and have a conversation.

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