What have you discovered?

As of the writing of this post there are only 89 hours to the end of 2018. Can you believe that!? Here we are, the last hours of one of the ONLY years you will ever live.
We don’t tend to think about years in terms like that do we? We think about the year ending just so the next can begin. We also tend to wrap our minds around this tragic year being past so the next one that is so much more hopeful can begin. Only until we get to the end of the next one and realize it was really just more of the same. Put the process on repeat and we’ll call that a lifetime and there you have it!
That’s sort of dismal and yet that characterizes the majority of our mentalities.

Why don’t we do this, why don’t we decide now, before 2019 begins, that we are going to live as if it were on purpose for every day, every hour of our 2019. Not to just survive and not to just endure the career you have to be a part of to fund your feeding habit but so that you can arrive at the end of 2019 and say, I don’t want to see this year gone, it was just soo good! 

For our family, it was the first fish moments that took place in July. Those moments were wonderful and ones that we want to re-live over and over again and guess what? We decided we would! It’s already scheduled for 2019.

So you go, as you come to the end of this year, what was a great moment that you can hold on to that was something wonderful?

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