Stop Resolving

Inevitably at the end of each year, we begin thinking through what the next is going to hold for us. Some of us really give it a try at being resolute with changes we’d like to see happen.
And then there are those who know better than to make self-promises only to see them crash and burn in a cookie frenzy three days after the new year. All hope is lost and we may as well stay with the Krispy Kreme diet for the rest of the year since we blew it 3 days in. Man stop disappointing yourself!

Try living under a new mindset as you go through your year and the first step being- don’t resolve anything!
Seriously, don’t resolve to do anything at the start of this new year. Here’s a couple ways to change your mindset and filter your life in a different way.

Live under grace. We tend to be very hard on ourselves and sequentially, we believe that God must even be harder on us. This is somewhat difficult to do but start pursuing what God actually sees of you and the grace under which he operates. His grace goes so far beyond what you could imagine.

Live under your own grace. Stop being so blasted hard on yourself for your imperfection(s). You are better than you think. If you could start giving yourself grace, you could see your head stand up a bit taller from the confidence you are now feeling and experiencing.

Give some grace to someone else. Noticing the pattern yet? In the season our family is in right now, grace is for parenting. We need to be gracious to our children who are learning so much right now. They are learning, from us, how to live their very lives and that requires so much grace.
But there are countless other people as well who need this same grace.

So this is it, the new year begins. Stop resolving and start experiencing grace, receiving it, live in it and give it away. I guarantee, it will change so much of you what you feel, think and how you react to so much of life around you.

Enjoy your new mindset!

One thought on “Stop Resolving”

  1. Cindy Miller says:

    Amen! Great advice! Miss you all. Happy New Year! God Bless.

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