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My Word For the Year

TACOS. That’s my word for the year!

From this day forward, I vow that everything I do this next year will be met with how does this get me closer to TACOS! Does anyone want to join me in this mission? Bring hot sauce!

What’s your favorite word?

Maybe that doesn’t even connect with you and you just think I’m a nerd for even asking the question.

I have a favorite word. You wanna know what it is?

It’s the word, Intentional.

I just think there are far too many things we leave to chance. We are quick to be the victim when bad things that happen to us in life, but when good things happen, it’s clearly because of our awesomeness.

Reality is that neither of those conclusions is accurate. We have become products of circumstances more than creators of life. To me, that is the peak of UNintentional.

Intentional is thinking, visualizing a desired end and then reaching for it. It’s planning your future and then not allowing anything to stand in the way of accomplishing that goal. It is being incredibly specific about parenting rather than hoping your kids will turn out perfect. The same is true for marriage, it’s recognizing that the vows you made on that wedding day years ago actually take work and that work is up to, none other, than you.

I’ve learned over the years that without intentionality, everything falls apart.

Intentionality is the direct opposite of entropy. Entropy is the breaking down of anything that isn’t attended to. There is a shed around the corner from our house that is the result of entropy. It is breaking down every day because no one is intentionally focusing on fixing the problem.

Here’s what I am driving at and it will be something I explore here a bit more over the coming days, everything in our lives should be met with intentionality.

What would happen to your future if you began to look at your life with intentionality?
What would happen to your parenting is you realized that your children’s view of God and the world around them is a result of your intentional (or unintentional) effort?
What about your marriage? Do you realize that what you currently have could become wonderful, become wonderful again, or stay wonderful through your intentionality?

Let’s talk about it, how have you seen your efforts of intentionality thrive? How have you seen it fall apart?

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