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A Culture of Encouragement

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“I am so thankful for you! Can I just say how grateful I am for what you are doing and who you are becoming. Recently I saw you owning that _______________ (insert whatever that might be) and I was really amazed at how well you handled it and seemed to love what you were involved with. Thank you so much for believing, for owning your position, and for choosing to be a part. We are better because you’re involved.”

Sounds good right!?

I love being an encourager. It’s wonderful being on the side where you can see people almost get taller after receiving a few words of affirmation. They perk up, change their demeanor, their face relaxes and you can almost see weight being removed from their lives.

Encouragement is incredibly powerful both for the person giving it away and clearly for the one receiving it.

Here’s a couple thoughts about encouragement that you should plan to integrate this new year.

1) Encourage often. Words of encouragement go so far, farther than you can imagine. Think of how you felt the last time someone spoke words of life into you. You should encourage more than you think is necessary.

2) Encourage without stipulations. No one likes the guy who encourages with the solely through the sandwich approach. Sure there are times for that, but make sure your encouragement is genuine more than it is for you to produce a change you want to see. A pattern like that will quickly be viewed as empty and insincere

3) Expand your encourage. There are more people that should be encouraged that you think. Everyone needs encouragement, everyone deserves it, the people on your team, in your family or part of your crew that aren’t doing all that great of a job. Find something about who they are and maximize your encouraging message about that one thing.

4) Make a list right now. Monday is encourage day for me. Each Monday morning, as part of my weekly startup routine, I make a list of those I need to encourage. People I witnessed over the weekend as part of our church. I’ve had people come up to me years later holding a note card I sent them years prior and they are still amazed of the encouraging words I spoke to them.

Encouragement is a super powerful force and, sadly, it’s not used enough.

Who are some people you should consider encouraging?

Well, start close to home. How about your kids? As parents, we are super quick to try to teach the bad out of them but we end up forgetting the good. Encourage your kids.

Encourage your spouse. I’ll be super honest with you, I work to impress my wife. I am over the moon when she speaks words to me about something she witnessed of my life. Reciprocate that! Turn those words back on your spouse and encourage him or her.

Encourage your co-workers. On one of my Monday’s, I added to my list of people to encourage, one of the custodian’s at our church. I wrote my card saying that every time I walked into the building I noticed that she had been there and that I was grateful. She texted me back after she received that card and was so thankful for what I had sent.

If your an employer, encourage your employees. I’ve never understood why employers don’t do more of this. You truly want your business to improve, try creating a culture of positivity and encouragement rather than fear and confusion. Confusion in the fact that there are times when your employees never understand if they are getting it right, all they hear from you is when they got it wrong–that’s fear, and that’s not healthy.

The options are endless. Start this year by creating a culture of encouragement around you.

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  1. Amanda says:

    This is so true. Sharing this with my family and coworkers.

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