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Living in Your Head

As a little girl, I remember loving to lay on a soft, flowered covered field on the farm looking at the clouds daydreaming of what was ahead and imaginary unicorns and glitter dancing around me. Until one beautiful Spring day in my pleated dress, I rolled down a freshly mowed lawn and had to be rushed to the ER with an allergic reaction to grass. Who can be allergic to grass? Yes, that was me; covered in hives and a long week at home from school.

 I think about that time and I wish I had moments in my adulthood of those simple moments. Not the red hive moments but the days that my only agenda was day dreaming; living in the possibilities of the impossible, moments of quiet hearing from the Lord.  Unicorns and glitter included of course! 

This world around me says fill your life, pack it full, dream bigger, reach higher, push further…Nothing is ever enough! In our Christian lives, we can easily arrive at the routine of living in our head that we are never enough. That God is the one wanting us to keep working toward a bigger position in this world. However that is not the truth.

Jesus said in Matthew 22: 37, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

God calls us to LOVE HIM! He doesn’t say “Love the world, the goals, your calendar, your agenda” He says Love me with all your heart. 

So as I enter in this new year I am scheduling time to have those moments of daydreams and worship with the Lord. Times that are quiet, so I can hear Him speak and pour into me. I want to fully understand how much He really does love me and not to, tiredly, impress Him with all that I do. He doesn’t need me in this world but wants me to have a deeper and a child like love towards Him. Don’t be surprised if you drive by my house and see an 30+ year old laying in the yard looking at the clouds falling deeper in love with the Lord. 

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