Bandwidth for Productivity- Read on Ryder

The busier I get the more my mind races back to a few truths I believe God has given us just for these moments.
I always heard when I was younger, “If the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” Not sure how much truth there is to that. Frankly, I hesitate to assign any credit to the devil on any level. Remember, we’ve got the power of Christ on our side, the power that defeated sin and death altogether, so whatever the “devil” wants to send our way has to make it through the filter of Jesus before it even touches us. Just live in that reality for a minute and see what it does for your work ethic.

So today, on another day when I feel like my life is going to implode at any minute, I feel it necessary to take a few minutes and acknowledge God in the middle of my day rather than at the beginning or the end. It’s 2:06PM. I just laid Eliana down for a nap. I hear Ryder reading a story in the living room as he’s laying down for a “nap”. Momma is on field day with the kids today, so I work and dad at the same time. My bandwidth for productivity isn’t very high today, but you know what? I believe that’s okay.
Frankly, I’m not sure productivity equals success as we think it does anyway. Reality is, if we really understand our purpose in life, it’s about connecting to Christ and then connected to people that we can then connect to the Christ. Productivity, from a biblical sense, is all about relationships and you can’t argue with that.

So read on Ryder. I’ll gladly overhear your story. I’ll take 5 to pray through my mess of decisions people are waiting on me for clarity about and when I’m ready, we’ll power through, like a boss.

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