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Yes, I Can! (Maybe)

Do I have to be alive? Where is my coffee!

Three little words that literally define the outcome of your day. Your very mindset about life can be contained in those words.

Think about how many times you say No I Can’t. Maybe it’s not even a thought of the words you say but the action you take. It’s not that you are saying “no” but that you are living and fleshing it out.

It’s in your mind alone that defines what you can and cannot do. And God so created you with incredible stamina to be able to endure far more than you think you are capable of.

Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:10, …”God is strong and he wants you strong.” We carry with us the DNA of God because we are created in his image. That means we are stronger than we think we are.

The next time those words come across your mind, you know like a news flash right before you speak them, consider just how strong God created you to be. Stronger than you think.

“Yes, I can.” Say that. NO really, Say it. Speak that truth over your life today. YES, I CAN. Use that as an anthem to navigate your day today.

My little girl woke up yesterday, and as she does every day, yelled in her low gravely wake up voice- MOMMA. We minimized that for few minutes thinking she would go back to sleep, but no. I walked in to get her and found that she had gotten sick at some point during the night and with throw up all over her, I declared again, YES I CAN. No, I don’t really want to but YES, I CAN!

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