The 8/9 List

The 8/9 list are the things that you alone are best at. So you stick to just those things in your life and give everything else away. Each one of us should have something we are constantly trying to give away to someone else. This is a process toward leadership development but it’s more than that. By recognizing not every ministry needs your direct involvement, gives the beauty of ministry to someone else who just might be able to take it higher than you and so We’ve got to be constantly giving ministry away.

We could call this training several different things.
Stop it
Give it away

I heard it explained recently by the 8/9 list and it made sense. On a scale of 1-10, one being lowest and 10 being greatest in line of things you are great at and love to do. Hopefully, you are hired at your 10 level and there are a few things you do that are 8 or 9 on that list. If anything falls below an 8 you should do your best to either stop it or give it away.

For me, a program came along that wanted our churches direct assistance and because they called me, I became the one who would champion this project. Now I had a decision to make! Do I just say, “NO” because it’s not super high on my list or do I say “YES” knowing it’s a good thing but would for me rank only as a 5 or 6?

After praying about this, I decided it really was something we should become involved with, so I took the risk, said yes and moved forward, but knowing that my immediate end goal would have to be to give this 5 or 6 away to a more dedicated and capable leader.

I think this is a mark of great leadership. The ability to see great investments, knowing that I personally cannot handle it, but that I have the determination to help someone else become a ministry owner. And that’s what I set out to do.

What I realized was that 1) doing things that for me are only a 5 or 6 starts to put me on edge. I start to become overwhelmed. 2) It greatly takes away from the things that only I can do and so the excellence of my 8-10 begins to decrease. 3) I realized there are much better leaders out there who super eager to become owners and they just need to be asked. 4) Most importantly! Those leaders can take my 5 or 6 way higher than I ever could.

I had to make a choice for my “Yes”. Either stop doing it altogether and disappoint a lot of people in the process or give it away, developing a new leader and a program got better because of it.

By living on this principle, you are actually enabling a culture of leadership development as it draws people closer to the top where your leadership lives.

God has instilled in every person on earth a level of leadership.

We all desire to be owners of something that’s bigger than we are. It gives us a sense of value that is otherwise absent from our lives. This is where that value begins to formulate.

So it boils down to this:

What do you need to stop doing immediately?

What should you actively seek to give away?

Who are a few people you can think of that you might be able to help level up in leadership?

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