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The Power of Speaking the Truth

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We live in a culture where truth is void.

People just find it more lucrative to speak whatever they want than the truth that will set someone else free.
I recently preached a message on this as it’s one of the core values we hold to as a church – God’s truth more than my opinion.
We take it straight from 2 Timothy 3:16-17CEV – Everything in the Scriptures is God’s Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live.

Reading these two verses is actually jumping into the final thoughts of a conversation Paul had with his little protege, Timothy, and everything preceding this statement was about his caution of people who were going to try to destroy him.

People today are just nasty!

Not all people, but people. I would have to extend that a vast majority of the people I meet today, no matter what their background, are genuinely kind and caring.

Recently, Ryder and I were on a camping trip, not a normal one, one that is inside the Hershey Med. Center where he was receiving some treatment for his eating problems. He’ll be headed back there again soon for more of the same.

There’s not a single person I’ve met since I’ve been here who would be characterized as one of the people Paul warned against.

They are just caring and kind.

But what I do know is this. There is a void in our culture of spoken truth.
We are content to allow truth to remain unspoken and continue through our day.

What does spoken truth look like? Great question!

I believe it can be as simple as speaking to someone who needs encouragement.
The other reality we faced at the Hershey Hotel is that the majority of people around us are literally breaking in their worlds. They have no release, no safety, no care or compassion to turn to. The world around them today is yearning for the next victim to pounce on. That’s why possible victims are glamorized and villains are all but hung even without official proof and validation. You know, as soon as that victim is found guilty of something else, they would be next in line for the gallows!

The world does not care about the truth, the world cares about opinion and attention.

What if today, the church began to look like the voice of truth in a dark world of anger, animosity, and confusion?

Typically, I’m a guy who is content to stand back and let be, but I think I’m getting it wrong. I’ve learned over the past that people are dropping clues to the very core of their lives in the words they speak and the inflections of their tones. They want truth to be spoken! but before that happens, they need to know that they will be received well. They need to know they are safe to say, I’m afraid of what is coming. And they need to know that how you are going to respond will be a word of hope spoken with kindness and concern. How can you do that today?

What’s an example of truth being spoken to you? How did it go over and how might you do the same to someone else?

One thought on “The Power of Speaking the Truth”

  1. Andrea says:

    Great thoughts PK!

    How can we speak truth? I tell myself, don’t flinch, stay loving and just listen. Correction will come but it can be served with a piece a cake.

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