Super Hero Chip

We’ve done our share of hospitals over the years. Good Lord, too many in fact! We’ve got stories of hospital adventures that tour all across the country and other parts of the world. From San Francisco to South Florida and New York down to Costa Rica, we’ve seen them, used them, stayed in them, ate in them and tried our best to avoid them. We could literally become hospital critics having experienced the best and worst of many of them.

Today, Ryder takes his turn with hospitals as he gets fitted for a new feeding system that will assist in growing through the trouble he’s had with gaining weight these past years.

Most of you know Ryder has had a nasal GI tube since August, with a little break over the holidays. Ryder’s GI doctor is not satisfied with the results he is getting so it’s time to take things up a notch and this one will be surgically implanted into this belly. While initially, it is much more invasive, it’s healthier for a longterm fix and that is what this is looking to become.

For at least 2 years now, he’s struggled with gaining and maintaining any sort of weight. We really got worried when Eliana, who is 4 years younger than he, surpassed him in weight. This is not a good thing!

Ryder has always been a bit of a lightweight. It’s just part of his genetics, but this is getting unhealthy and scary for us. He’s exhibiting signs of difficulty with cognitive ability and we’ve also seen his struggle with immunity from simple sickness. It’s time for this boy to get fat and start that track toward Navy Seal status.
So today, and for the next few, Ryder and I will once again stay at the Hotel Hershey Hospital where he’s being fitted for his superhero chip so he can drink his superhero juice.

Things like this never come at the right time. It would have been fine to have something like this happen months ago while we lay dormant or minimized in our schedules.

We’ve learned over the years not to make so much of things like this. God gives us ample strength to deal with them as they come, we just have to prioritize the proper things at the proper times. He does that through the resilience he’s given both Crystal and I as parents. He’s also given that to us through the generous help of loving people who are for us.
Family, who do everything they can to help with the stress things like this bring.
Countless Friends who committed to cook a dinner so we could have one less thing to think about during this stressful and tense time.
Generous Gifters who thought it would be nice to give a gift card for gas or a plate of cookies, a bag of fresh peaches.
Visitors willing to drive the 60 miles to Hershey just to say hi to Ryder.
Incredible Church Staff who make it easy for us to be absent during this critical time for our family.

How are we so lucky and blessed to be on the receiving end of this?
More than that, how can we be those people to someone else during their tough time?
Who are those people in your life?

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