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The Power of Platform

Do you know what your purpose is? The one thing that God has gifted you with that is above all the other things. It’s the thing that gives you the most filling, the best sense of passion and completion. Maybe you don’t even know this is a thing, but at Christ followers, we are given some incredible gifts.

As if Salvation wasn’t enough, God goes way beyond by giving us His Spirit as a promise of His presence and then gives us a specific tangible gift for us to use throughout our lives.
I believe one of the most devastating things is the person that never knew they had this gift to be able to use their whole lives. The second most tragic thing would be the person that knew about it but just never activated it and used it for all it was worth.

I discovered and began honing in on my gift about 5 years ago when I took a class called The Chazown Experience. I can’t advocate enough for this experience. Over the course of several weeks, if you do it correctly, you will begin to see the formation of your life and be able to make life course corrections to be able to bring that purpose to your full potential.

What I found was that my passion is in helping people experience the fullness of God. That may mean little you to, and it took me quite some time to figure out how to put that in practice but when I did, I began to discover the joy and sense of fulfillment that I had never experienced before. It became almost drug-like for me!

The purpose statement for my life became this phrase right here:

to help people experience an amazing God through incredible ways

And I’ve seen God use me to do that time and time again. You might press me on “how arrogant are you to think that you can help someone experience God through incredible ways!?” But I’ve seen it.

I see it in the eyes of the person in whom I can see potential and I am the first person in their lives to give them platform to see that potential become tangible.

And that’s the game-changing moment, people need someone to believe in them and believe in them enough to give them platform.

Platform is risk.

Platform is saying, I believe in you enough to entrust you with this to see what you’re going to do. It might mess up, but beyond that, it might work better than you thought too.

We owe it to our people to believe them.

We owe it to them to give them platform and see what God is working in their hearts as well.

Platform is more than the sense I am speaking here too. I need to give my son platform to prove ability. I have to give him the chance to use a power tool, to drive a car, to pray for dinner. These are all platform building spaces. We all have them and we are all leading someone around us that needs our belief.

It’s one of the most powerful tools we have access to.

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