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Do You Believe This Lie?

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Right now, we are going through another extenuating situation. With an overwhelming nature, we are at the max of what we can handle. It’s not that life is too much, it’s that the extra that God has allowed has made life too much. We don’t typically invite more than we can handle, but when life hits you when you didn’t expect it, it’s in those moments that you cast a gaze toward heaven and wonder, do you really know what You’re doing?  

We seem to be in one of those zones right now and, I’ll be frankly honest with you, it’s uncomfortable and difficult not to want to evade this location in life with everything we can, but, really, where would we go? Where can we run that this would not follow? Where could we flee that this situation wouldn’t also be present.

Eliana has recently discovered her shadow. She was walking outside one day and looked down and screamed, trying to climb up momma as best she could. When we were putting her to bed a few days later that scary thing showed up in her bed too and you would have thought she’d seen a ghost (which she actually might have, as we believe one of our rooms may actually have one. I digress, another story…) She was terrified of that shadowy figure! She has yet to learn that shadowy figure is just her.

These situations are just like that shadow. We’re scared out of our whits as we look at it, and no matter how far or fast we run, we turn to see how much distance we’ve covered only to see it standing right there next to us wondering what it is we are gazing at.

For years I believed in the lie that God would never give me more than I could handle. We entered missions and faced insurmountable obstacles that towered over our lives and championed the anthem that the Lord would never give us more than we can tolerate and so we must press on! Hallelujah! We thought we were unique. We thought we were so strong, when we made it over one more mountaintop. But it was then, as we peaked that summit where we took in that breathtaking vista as if we were standing atop the Rocky Mountains and all we could see were more mountain tops as far as the eye could see.

The simple reality is that the Lord will often allow us to transverse more than we can handle. He’s gracious that way.

I can hear you saying, come again? I thought you said, he’s gracious that way.

No, you read that correctly.


He graciously allows us to walk through things that are way over our heads so that we come to a place in our lives where we humbly surrender to this amazing strong and loving Father who delights in our reliance of Him.

One of my most favorite stories in the bible takes place in 2 Chronicles 20.
The best verse of this passage is why Joey (short for Jehosophat) makes this statement – “We won’t stand a chance when this army attacks. We don’t know what to do—we are begging for your help.” If that is not clearly seeing that God will give you more than you can handle, I don’t know what is!

Some day I’ll add more to this thread as it is huge and so many people face and fight this lie constantly but for today, fight your misconception of a debilitating lie that God will never give you more than you handle, because, lets face it, sometimes He most certainly will.

Let this be a breath of fresh air for you. Maybe you’re enduring through something right now and you are frozen. Literally, every day seems like it’s the end and your strength is all but gone. Why do you feel that way? Because you’re enduring something that is beyond your strength! You were never meant to carry the load you are carrying today. I believe this is a God-given gift to you for you to be able to see the power and strength of a loving caring, Father who delights in our reliance of Him.

2 thoughts on “Do You Believe This Lie?”

  1. Tracy Shoop says:

    I do believe that adversity and struggles build strength and character! I have learned many great problem solving skills from challenges in my past! It has also given me a place to look back on today and realize I needed to go through that to accomplish and be who I am today! I also have a great appreciation for this season in my life!😊

    1. Kevin Elworth says:

      Thanks for your comment and insight. You’re right, adversity definitely builds strength and character if we allow it!

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