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The People Who Got You There

Do you remember the merry go round? You don’t seem them much anymore. Probably because it, along with the teeter totter where literally the most dangerous toys on a playground.

I remember when I was in first grade, one of the only years that I actually went to a school, riding on a merry-go-round at recess. One of the teachers was propelling us around that thing and was trying to make us take off and fly. I remember spinning so so fast and then I also remember not being able to hold on any longer and off I spun. I had a concussion, and that teacher was in trouble, and now you don’t see merry go rounds on the playground anymore. You’re welcome, it’s all my fault.

The merry go round was pointless without someone propelling it. It took someone stronger, more experienced to make it work the way it was supposed to. And when that person came along, with the right intentionality and desire, they could make you fly far and fast.

Over the course of these years, I can see a pathway God has put us on and over the history of those years, I can see mile makers where God put a person or people in our lives to propel us farther. They were people who saw in us the ability to launch us far and fast and they could stand alongside and take the time to do that.

Do you have people like that? They are so generous and we owe them so much credit.

There are so many people I should mention, but clearly, I can’t do that in the space of a blog. For Crystal and I, it became almost a game to see who God was going to inject into our lives to propel us to the next level. Every time He brought us to something that was more than we could handle, He also provided someone to come alongside us and help carry the load or push us along while we just could not.

How about in your life, can you identify the people that got you where you are today? I believe we owe them some sort of gratitude. For those who did this with some sort of intentionality, they would want to know. Everyone needs encouragement, more often than you think. Take some time and tell them the impact they had on your life.

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