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Soul Refuel

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I love alone time.

It fills my soul. I don’t need a lot of it, just a dose, an hour or so every week, and it’s just time for me to reflect and refuel my soul.

I find that over the days of my week I build up a resistance to all things human and it makes be brittle. I get to a place where noise is deafening and I literally can’t stand anything that is not controlled. I noticed that my fuses become shorter and shorter before I tend to blow up on someone or something. I don’t love that part about who I am, but one of the most important things is realizing it’s a part of me. I can either do something about it or ignore it. So I choose my word of the year, intentional, and do something with it.

After I’ve had a short time of space where I fill my head with sounds of incredible worship and the air around me with words of prayer, I literally feel the filling of the Spirit in me and I become human again. I realize the theology behind that statement isn’t accurate, but semantics… Maybe one day I won’t need these times of space and solitude, but at that point, you and I will be neighbors in heaven. Until then, I resort to a space. A resort, where we I can dream and pray and worship.

You should try it sometime.

All it takes is a really good cup of coffee and an atmosphere where the Lord can personally, refill your soul.

Enjoy your time away…

One thought on “Soul Refuel”

  1. Andrea Swisher says:

    This is so good. Take the space however you can get. Everyone’s season is different but the damage lies when we choose not to take it when we can get it!

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