Just. Begin.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Is there really any harder thing than to start? I’m not talking about continue. That’s probably what you are envisioning right now. You don’t really begin a day, you just pick up where you left off, maybe a little slower a with a little more coffee (amen), but that’s not a start.
Even when you start a new job, in reality, you’re just in a process of continuation where you were before, now maybe doing something of a different process but still the same.

I’m talking about starting from scratch.


It’s never been seen before.

White canvas. Blank whiteboard. Formless. That kind of start.

There is a tremendous thrill that some enjoy in their lives when it comes to the creation of something never yet seen.

We are all artists, on some level or another. Those who are truly artists are going to slap me for this comment.
We are created by an amazing Creator and, in us, we carry His DNA, which means we have a bit of creator in each of us. It’s the reason why after you’ve made something unique, you stand with a sort of pride, no matter what that thing might be, because no one else could have made it. Watch your kids the next time they color something, they are exercising their God-given passion for creation and which pride they want you to be proud of them for their work.

How do you take that sense of art-filled creative as a child and turn it into a passion fueled concept as an adult? In simple, and yet terrifyingly hard at the same time…you begin.

Give it a try. Tell me I’m wrong.

Put a blank piece of paper in front of you and watch the tension rise in your being. Blank insinuates that something is missing and it must be filled. Immediately, you will think of a thousand things that you should do right then. You’ll grab your phone, pull up Facebook and 30 minutes later, you’ll clean up the crumbs from the cookies you dove into while you were Facebooking, and there it will be, screaming at you, that blank, white, paper.

What are you waiting to begin? For me, it’s writing. Everyday, I have a mental challenge to write something. Anything. It doesn’t matter. None of it is wrong, it just has to be started.

For someone else, it’s a business venture. I’m working on that one too.

To another, it’s something that needs to be learned. And you’re beyond the admitting of needing to learn, you’ve even researched where you might learn, but you stopped just prior beginning.

Life is never going to be margin filled enough to warrant the flexibility to do it all. There is never going to be a perfect time.
Yes, plan out your days. That’s a biblical principle.
Certainly, have a conversation about timing.
But when it comes that time…begin.

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