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The Beauty of Bruised Hands

Photo by Om Prakash Sethia on Unsplash

My hands hurt.

I endured a lot of aches and pains through my life, I’m sure you have too, but rarely is it my hands that ache. But today, it’s my hands. They are scratched, bruised, and with a few cuts.

To me, every one of those is a story.

Every pain, every scar, every bruise and every wound is a story of something amazing.

Right now they are signs of a project our family is working on together. It’s our next beautiful venture. We’re probably in over our heads, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Other times, there are other aches and pains.

How about heartache over the people in your life. Our kids are those for us right now. Every one of them is fighting and facing something uniquely different. They are fighting battles we want so bad to engage in with them but we cannot. They have to learn that on their own. They are each being pressured by something whether it be medical or personal or with friends and that makes our hearts hurt.

There are times when they leave scars on our lives as well, by something they say or something they do. They might not have completely meant what they said, but the words came out of their mouths and in those moments you just wish they could see the depth of your love for them.

Come on mom, dad, tell me I’m wrong about that. They just never fully understand the extent of your love for them.

And likewise, we under-estimate the love that God has for us. He bears some scars too, you know…In His hands no less.

Think about that pain!

Think about the reminder that causes him.

And us.

Never will he forget the place where he took scars to remind us of the extent of his love

And the heartache He endured so you and I could have life.

Hey God. Thank you for taking on that pain, in your hands, so we could see the extent of your great love.

Look at your scars, your aches, your wounds, differently.

They mean something

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  1. Jonathan says:

    You’ve been such an inspiration and blessing in my life Kevin. Thanks for keeping a fire lit under my hind end. Blessings

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