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Double Up

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What did you pray for as you woke up this morning?

That question bears the assumption that you prayed this morning! Sorry for assuming, but if you’re not praying, you are so missing out on so much good for you life.

Some people don’t know how to pray very well. I don’t mean that as an insult, it’s just reality. Sometimes we just don’t know what to say to the One who created all that we enjoy. So we resort to things of comfort.

God, be with me today.

Lord, be with them today as they face…

Father, work in (insert situation)

We use our praying words to ask God for things he’s already declared that he would do.

Is that really the best we have to offer in conversation to this God who has gone so such lengths to know us?!

I don’t think so! And I think the struggle is in the fact that we just don’t know what we should say.

Recently, in my sermon preparation, I came across a verse that really struck me and validated something I knew to be true.

This very day I’m declaring a double bonus–everything you lost returned twice-over!

Zechariah 9:11 MSG

Now if that’s true than we have to amend our prayer to reflect it.

I believe this principle is true because I’ve personally seen it activated in my life.

Through the season my wife and I have just passed through, we lost a lot. Through a situation the Lord allowed, we lost influence, leadership, momentum, money and time. And we weren’t the only ones. Countless others who rose to help us through our time lost as well. So many counseling appointments I had to decline, vision opportunities we wanted to take had to be avoided and allowed to pass without our involvement.

In seeing this, I got vehemently angry. But at the same time, I knew that the Lord had allowed this season specifically and so I restrained my emotions and trusted him to be in complete control. I knew that what he had brought us to, we would also stay with us through.

And then he reminded me of this principle.

This is not a season of despair. No! This is a season of double!

I believe that what the Lord has allowed and the Devil has taken advantage of is just an opportunity for the goodness of the Lord to be display and enhanced in and around and through.

So you go ahead Satan. Take advantage. But when this is over, you’ll pay. You’ll pay the highest price. 100% return on what’s been robbed.

So today, my doubling prayer consists of:

Doubling our influence

Doubling our Grand Point Ship Church

Doubling Crystal’s strength, influence and power

Doubling our leadership

Doubling our momentum

Doubling the finances we’ve lost as a result of this season

Doubling the healing that those who looked to us through this time and we could not help.

The Lord wants to double in your life! I believe it for you, I believe it for me, I believe it for this church.

What should you be specifically asking the Lord to double in your life?

Stop praying for pointless things that the Lord has already promised you and start becoming incredibly strategic in your prayer about what he wants to double.

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