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Warm Up Your Worship

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For a while now I’ve listened, on repeat, to a setlist I created just for the purpose of moving my heart closer to the heart of God. What I have discovered is that I am just better when my heart is filled with worship and to get there, I have to be completely intentional. I called it my Tuesday Setlist because I do the bulk of my writing on Tuesday and through this setlist, I find a very peculiar connection with the Spirit of God no matter where I may be.

Last Tuesday, I was stilling at my table in Sbux writing through some things very close to my heart and I am all but weeping. I love what this is doing to my surrounding.

On Sunday our church, much like so many others, gather together for the point of directing our worship to the heart of the Father. What we’ve discovered is that our worship doesn’t always reflect how we feel about this Father. Sometimes our worship is waning and it doesn’t feel like it really connects.
Sometimes we’ll get through our 3 song list and as the 3rd song is ending, you can visibly see the worship working its way into the hearts of the people. They’ve reached the point of worship readiness but only when the worship is over.
We have to begin earlier and warm up our worship on our own, so that when we gather corporately our worship can be contagious.

Worship is not an element that just happens, worship is prepared for, as much as the message. Worship is intentional, it doesn’t just happen. It is that way for the ones leading and it is that way for the ones being led. You’ve got to warm up your worship.

Try this as you go through this week. It’s one of the reasons we typically post our coming Sunday’s setlist on our social media pages ahead of time so that you can intentionally warm up your worship.

So without further delay, here it is, my Tuesday Playlist

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