The Lord Wants to Move

Another blank page stares me in the face. It’s a subtle reminder that I am a creator of things. It’s Tuesday and that means sermon writing day. I woke up with anticipation about what this day would hold and I’m eager to get at it and fill this page with the download of the Spirit of God.

I’m already hunkered down in my corner of Starbucks. A grande mug of the darkest bold they have is steaming next to me while my Tuesday playlist fills my ears and head with the breath of the Spirit. My worship is warming up! It’s going to be a good day and it’s going to be a fantastic week.

I can already sense the direction of the Lord and where He wants to take me and these wonderful people I get to call “church”.

They are thirsty and they just need a drink of the refreshing fountain of the Lord.

It’s simply amazing what can happen when you warm up your worship and allow him to speak and move. There’s a certain reality found right there

The Lord wants to move in your life, you need to allow Him.

Let this Lord do what He does best and let Him move in and through your world! Ask Him for it…right now, ask Him to move

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