Experience Life

“Your life is defined by the experiences you allow” – PK.

Is it wrong to title your blog with one of your own quotes? While I’m unclear on blog etiquette, I’ll just go with it.
This truth has been becoming of the central themes of my life. When I look back of my few years, I see story after story that has defined my present and my present experiences that will, in turn, define my future.

The things that I allow into my life have stretched me and have shaped me. When placed together with my core beliefs in the person and work of Jesus Christ and His Word, I can take my experiences and see what He has formed and planned for me.

There are so many experiences that I’ve enjoyed and pictures that make my mind race. We could sit for hours and talk about backpacking across Mexico. Climbing 14,000-foot mountain peaks in Colorado, Longs Peak and Half Peak to see for hundreds of miles. We could talk about the faith-filled adventures of missions trip and our deputation experience or of one of my earliest memories with my family that I wrote about here.

We are a product of the things we allow ourselves and our kids to be a part of.

One of my favorite memories (that was not a very favorite at the time) was when my dad took us on an adventure down the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque, NM. What he thought would be a simple, relaxing day on the river in the canoe, turned out to be a rescue operation that ended in a helicopter ride late into the night. It was an experience we would never forget and certainly one that my mom hated being a part of not knowing what was happening or to expect.

Today we find ourselves trying to protect from anything that might harm, but is that really the best thing for us? What about for them? Our goal cannot be to guard them against every harm but to teach them to find joy and God in every experience.

“The good news is that through this experience Jacob’s guilt was taken away.” Isaiah 27:9MSG

I’ll purpose to write about more of my experiences as we go along here, but what have been some of your most life-defining experiences?

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