I won the Lottery!!!

Is it possible for a person to consistently win the lottery? I believe it is. There have been stories of people who have somehow defied the odds and won repeatedly at the luckiest game on earth. Granted they may not have won excessively large prizes but the fact of the matter remains, they won!

So many people want to win that prize. I’m sure almost every person has at one time or another dreamt about what it would be like to suddenly wake up having won the game that carries with it life-changing riches. Even my oldest son has asked about what those games mean and, when learning of the riches they behold, immediately dreams about how many iPods he would then purchase and what else, if anything in the world could be greater, he could do with the rest of his winnings.

I wouldn’t mind winning it either. I’d pay off all our debt and immediately determine that the lottery would not make me a snob. We’d stay in our humble home, but we’d make some drastic improvements to it (someone else doing the work this time). We’d pay off our churches debt, probably buy some new cars, set our kids up with a college fund and take a nice vacation (or three) that we haven’t been able to do for a while now. We’d give a lot away, save a lot more for a rainy day and have a lot of fun in the meantime. If it were enough, I’d quit my job but keep working at the same place because I’m lucky enough to have found that I am fulfilling my purpose in life and I love what I get to do.

We can all fantasize about what we’d do with the lottery winnings but the fact for me is that I won and somehow, believe it or not, I continue to win it every day that I wake up. It’s like the movie Deja Vu, except in this vision, I’m not repeating days, every day is a new lottery and the winnings seem to keep growing exponentially.

Now obviously I’m being a little facetious here, I’ve never won any money and I certainly don’t intend on trying to gamble life away trying to get rich quick, but when it comes to the quality of my life, I won big time (and this is the point where I get all mushy). The day I met Crystal, I pulled the slot machine handle and she became my winning ticket. That girl has been far too wonderful for me. She’s pushed me in ways I could never have imagined. She’s taken me into adventurous places that I’d never have gone alone. She’s challenged my thinking and my belief in the impossible on so many occasions, but this lottery winning goes beyond her. It continues through my kids, my job, our home, and the events of life we get to be involved in. How on earth did I get so lucky to have received what God has given me in life?

When I prayed all those years ago that God would double, double our church, double United, double our family, double our influence and double our income, how on earth is it possible that here we stand 5 years later with every one of those things answered? Never in my dreams would I have thought that even one of those things would be possible and yet God chose to answer all of them. To me, that is a winning lottery ticket. I look in the eyes of each of my kids and wonder how on earth did we get so lucky to have God chose you for our family because that’s exactly how it went down. We didn’t “get pregnant” we were literally given each of our children in a different form and to me, that’s a winning lottery ticket on repeat.

God, you’ve been to good to me. We are far too blessed to have all that you’ve blessed and entrusted us with. I can’t for the life of me seem to figure out why you’d choose me to receive this greatest blessing as you have, but I’ll continue to receive it. One question, do you have more? If I’d ask you to double again, would you do it? Could I handle it? Let’s try!

How about you? Where have you seen God all you winning numbers in life? Remember the lottery is perspective and from my perspective, each of us has won on a different platform.

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