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Your ask is too SMALL

Hey what are you praying for right now?

What’s on your list of consistent requests to the God of all comfort and the Lord of creation?

It’s shocking to me how many people don’t have a consistent prayer for which they are petitioning the Lord. We have grown too small in our asks and I’m not sure why.

I have a theory about why.

Are you interested?

It’s because we can’t so we don’t think God can either.

I’m going to mess with your head a bit here in this post, but I believe there is a part of our theology that places ourselves on God’s level. Without even realizing it we have pulled up a throne next to God’s and are governing our own world’s as if we had His power.

Our prayers got smaller, because we got larger.

Rather than dealing with our inability to move mountains, we decided that it would be best to leave the mountains where they stand.

So here’s the problem. Subconsciously we know we don’t yield the awesome power of God, but rather than submitting to that and humbly acknowledging His deity and authority, we would rather keep our self-positioned throne next to His and just deal with our lack.

Can you see what I am seeing? Pride is what keeps us from asking the Lord for the biggest and strongest of prayers in our lives. For when we submit to His unique ability to provide and answer, we are also acknowledging our inability to do the same.

So again I ask, what are you praying for right now?

Because the things you are seeking the Lord for are a direct reflection of your view of this amazing and almighty God who affirmed His own desire to see our prayer dependance on Him.

Stop asking the Lord for small things. Start praying mountain moving prayers that only God can accomplish. And put those prayers on repeat. Put yourself in a position to see the Lord himself move and act on your behalf and begin to see the Lord move.

I guarantee you, it will change your life

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