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Your One Thing

Every Christ followers has a message to share with the World around them, it just takes hearing the voice of the Lord to be able to clearly identify that message.

As I have grown in my relationship with Christ, and in the calling He has given me, I’ve learned to be aware of that One Thing constantly. As a Pastor, my One Thing is always moving. It has to. It is what God has called me to do and as a Shepherd of His People, He always has something He wants to say to them through me, so I’ve learned to listen…intently.

That’s my first encouragement to you. You’ve got to be able to listen intently to the Spirit of God to be able to decipher the One Thing He wants to speak through you.

This is by far, the one aspect growing void in our culture today. It takes so much work to listen and even more to listen intently. There’s just too much noise screaming at us. When was the last time you were painfully aware of the quiet around you? For me, I have to choose quiet on a daily basis. I get up super early in the morning because I crave the quiet and it’s usually in those moments when I can also quiet my mind enough to hear what the Spirit wants to tell me next. But I have to choose it.

I’ve also learned the art of quieting life around me to the point of hearing this voice from the Lord as well.

It’s no surprise to you that I love to work from Starbucks, on Tuesdays. At that time of the morning, Starbucks is usually packed with people and noisy as ever with their frappe machines running, and coffee grinders grinding, but for some strange reason I found that white noise calming and it helps me hear the Lord.

Where do you go where you can hear the voice of God most profoundly? You’ve got to begin choosing that consistently.

The other ways I discover and unpack the One Thing God wants to say next is through the people around me. Culture is always a cue of the Lord’s movement. Just look to the Old Testament for example. When the culture of the people began to move away from the Heart of the Lord, God would place a message on the Shepherds heart to speak to his people. Where do you see the people of your culture moving away from the Lord? When you answer that question, ask God what he wants you to tell them about it, and now you have your One Thing.

So you’re listening intently.

You’re watching the movement of culture carefully.

And you need to read the Word of God consistently.

If it’s not from the Word, it’s not from the Lord. What the Lord says, He will always line up with His Word.

The Word of the Lord is always the place to resort to discover the One Thing He wants to speak.

Now, I know the question soon becomes, but where do I start? Awesome, great question. You should first resort back to listening intently. Ask the Lord where to start and let Him direct you.

Currently, after having done those three things, the Lord is impressing on me the importance of complete God Trust. It’s where I see our culture becoming super self-reliant. They are more self-trusting than God-Trusting and that is a huge problem. That’s the content of the series I just led our Ship Campus through with my series, This is Only a Test.

So what’s your One Thing? It could be a simple message that can be spoken in just a few words. Or maybe it is something that needs to be developed and unpacked in a multi-stage process. Either way, ask the Lord what’s the One Thing He wants to say through you…and then start writing.

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