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The Power of Development

Vacation week and we are loving it. It has been so wonderful to just be with the family for consecutive days without interruption, no distractions or phone calls, no counseling evenings or late meetings. This is the stuff of lifelong memories.

Our kids will forever remember their first fish and jumping into the lake with uncle Kyle, cooking over the fire and so many other things.

But, at this critical time frame, work must still go on. In ministry, the work never ceases, and it’s in times like these that I am most grateful for the people the Lord is calling to help carry the load of ministry along with me. People who are deciding to bear the weight of life change because the Lord is asking them to do so. It’s in that way that ministry can continue to happen regardless of one persons presence or absence.

Over the past years, I’ve spent the majority of my focus not on preaching messages, but on identifying people to develop and in the years that I’ve been here, I’ve come up with a group of about 20 people who are committed, heart and soul. They are the go anywhere, do anything type of people who don’t know when to quit and exhibit extreme ownership on so many levels.

This week our church continues because they are committed and are owners.
Ecclesiastes 9:11, The race is not always to the swift…, our goal here with this church is not to make the most attractive church. That would be fairly easy but in the long run, totally exhausting because it would then all land on the shoulders of either 1 or 2 of those to whom the church could pay. Our goal is to make disciples who are owners and committed propagators of the gospel message. At this point, I’m not sure they all see themselves in that way, but they’re getting there and that’s what I’m praying them to.

I’ll take an extreme amount of pride in the fact that in my absence, the work moves on. I’ve taught them over the years that it’s everyone’s responsibility to build the team and essentially the church. Every one of us must take on the mentality that it’s “my” church. It’s not “his” church. It’s not “your” church, no, it’s “my” church. Because when it’s my church than it’s my responsibility. I’ve seen them do this and become owners and when they’re owners, they make the world move.

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