Sixteen Years with a Super Model

Sixteen years we’ve been married! I’m not sure how that’s possible! We don’t seem old enough to have been married for that long.
The adventures we’ve had and the places we’ve been! Our 16 years is marked by the decisions of life change that have characterized our life together.
Last night we revisited our life in Costa Rica. It was amazing to think that 12 years ago we were on an incredible adventure of a lifetime that would take us into a tropical paradise where our son would be born. It was, by our distinction, one of the toughest parts of our lives but one we look back on with fondness of the faith we built in the process.
Crystal has become the most anticipated moment of my day. I simply live for the moment I can get home and see her, to hear her voice and learn of the beauty and blessing of her day. Sometimes that beauty and blessing is more of tension and trouble when it comes to our little crew and the mid-summer blues.
When we think about our next 16, we fill our moments of conversation with aspirations of upcoming adventures. She dreams of still becoming the CEO of a non-profit where she is able to get paid for her time and talent. It will come.
She also dreams of a place where we can resort often for extended family time and fun at the lake. That’s one of the biggest and best lessons we learned. Nothing compares to extended family time away from the norm.

I dream about extended time together with just her. While I really want to see and foster intentional and specific moments with each of our kids, I want to enjoy a lot of life with my best friend as well. We were made for each other and were made for the adventure of our lives. My life is better because I get to do it with her and better than that, I am honored that she would consider me good enough to stand with her through her life.
When I look at the condition of marriage today, I’m simply astounded at how people throw it away like it’s of no value. They allow little things to add up to something worth destroying the sanctity of marriage over and their vows end up with no meaning. I often wonder, as I’m leading couples through the vows that will unite them in marriage, if they fully understand the promise they are making to each other. It seems that today, those vows have become nothing but mere words spoken so they can be together for a time but not a lifetime. It’s sad.
Not here, not with us. I’m the lucky one and I get to make a salted caramel latte every morning for this supermodel wife and that, that is my privilege and honor.

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