Grand Point - Ship

Grand Point Ship- 1 Year In

How is it possible that we are already a year into this amazing story?!

I had no idea how emotional we all would get over this amazing weekend looking back over the hundreds of stories we have received since that first weekend. It’s been an amazing journey of life change in so many people’s lives and it’s all just begun.

The stories I didn’t expect to see change were much closer than I could ever have imagined! Four of our five children have all made professions of faith and have accepted Christ. Three of them have done that in the last 12 months as a result of what they are seeing and experiencing in Kids Point as well as our own parenting at home.

The closest change would be in me. I thought I had a good handle on who I was and my own relationship with Christ and then this year He put us through another crisis of faith that has again redefined our trust in this amazing God.

The wonderful thing about that is I am beginning to hear threads of those same stories resounded in so many different people.

On July 28th, which would have been one year to the day of our when Grand Point Ship had its first service, 13 people made a public step of faith and declared their relationship with Jesus through baptism. That was the most thrilling thing I’ve yet to see and be a part of with this little church that’s now becoming a toddler.

What and where the Lord will work next is astounding to me. I simply cannot wait to see and be a part of the What If goals and dreams this church thinks about for it’s future.

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