My morning view is exquisite! Like no other. All I hear around me is birds and the occasional airplane passing miles overhead and the hissing of the campfire next to me drying out wet wood

The water in front of me is like glass and is as inviting as a cool drink on a hot day.
It won’t be long before the noise around is all but explosive.

I’ve come to realize that these are the moments that should be defining our lives. These moments of calm and peaceful serenity are the ones that draw us ever closer to the heart of our Father.

Somehow I just wonder if this is what Jesus had in mind when he told the Disciples to “Come, let’s take a break and find a secluded place where you can rest a while”, Mark 6:31 TPT.

I’m all about productivity. In fact it’s probably my loudest anthem, but productivity must be met with equal parts of rest and serenity.

You are only as good productively as you are at resting consistently.

There’s a sign at the gym where I destroy my body in the morning that reads, “almost everything can be fixed if it’s simply unplugged for a minute.”

What do you need to do to unplug for a minute?

I bought a hammock a while back and I take it with me everywhere I go and have used it frequently in the most random of places because of that reality, sometimes you just need a few moments of rest.

But sometimes you need seasons of rest.

The beginning of this year was a time when we felt the Lord put our family into a season of rest that was brought on by an illness Crystal faced. It wasn’t much rest of a lot of angles but it forced her into shutting down everything she was facing and she could literally do and accomplish nothing. It was a season of forced rest.

I wonder what would have been different had we willfully chosen a season of rest before that. Or had we altered our schedules and determinations to be more restful prior to that?

So the question stands, what do you need to do to unplug for a minute? And where do you need to unplug for a season?