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First Fish

We had the time of our lives while on vacation a few weeks ago. I’ve not seems smiles and heard laughed that hard from my kids in a long time. They were genuinely excited about what they were involved with and literally could not contain themselves and their excitement. It was one of the best weeks of our lives, and I don’t say that loosely. We needed every moment of that week just to be together, to enjoy each others company and to experience the things we did.

One of the goals for the week was to teach how to fish. Our kids have been asking a lot lately if they could learn, and, in effort to slow down the course of life, we’ve been gifting fishing rods for birthdays over the past months. So by the time vacation rolled around, we all had our own polls and tackle so we were ready to catch whatever.

Oh, it was amazing to see them in that element! Initially, we thought they would be bored with it, and that may have been the case if they weren’t catching fish, but they were nabbing fish left and right! It was awesome. Ryder had the best reaction. He caught several fish and every time he just went through the roof with excitement!

There’s nothing better than genuine joy on that level. To see that reaction on someones face is truly exhilarating. I learned a valuable lesson with them catching their first fish, I need to make space for more moments like these both for me and for them. They are the stuff that life is made of and the experiences they will eventually look back on and reminisce about.

That experience has literally redefined my outlook on so many things. I’ve come to realize that while there is so much work to be done, the moments are always fleeting that I can spend making memories with those closest to me. It’s because of that truth that I now try to integrate people into everything I do. I take some of my kids with me when I work, when I visit people in the hospital, when I do construction projects and work on the car. I feel like every moment is a learning moment but it’s also creating a lasting memory. Obviously this can’t happen all the time but they can happen so much more than we think.

What are the moments that you look back with most fondness with your family? Your kids?
Even your childhood?

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