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The enemy of great relationships is busyness.

You simply cannot be “too busy” and enjoy the thrill and fulfillment of wonderful relationships.

I say that on a day when my schedule will take me from when my alarm clock sounded at 4:45AM until around 9:00PM this evening. Tomorrow looks about the same and what I find in moments of scheduling like this is that while I might be productive, I am not fully engaged in the relationships that matter most to me.

If held over a long period of time, your most valuable and significant relationships have no choice but to suffer. There is just no way you can sustain these two levels of trajectory and velocity.

The only way to do something like this is to inject a lot of moments of focus to relationships as much as the busyness.

I’ve had to learn this the hard way. But really, don’t we all? Let me ask, what way of learning is easy? I’m not sure any of us really wants to learn the easy way, we prefer the difficult. It’s in the difficult that you learn the most.

Relationships are the most valuable thing in your world. Nothing compares to a great relationship and nothing is more definitive than the loss of one. And yet so often we end up treating them like they are unimportant and disposable right up until we realize the huge mistake we have made.

You cannot afford to lose relationships! Good people, good friends, are too few and far between and you can’t afford to let any go! But it’s deeper than this too. The relationship you have with your kids, the one you have with your spouse, those are predominantly the ones that pay the most.


It’s because we make the tragic assumption that they will always be there.

We erroneously assume that they are okay with the way we are choosing life and that they understand that’s what’s going on is what is needed most.

My wife sent me a note recently and graciously cautioned me about the velocity of my life. She helped me open my eyes to where I was allowing things to slip and slide. I’m so grateful to be able to see the concerns before they become unalterable.

Where is your life too busy right now? What can you do to adjust your schedule to be more relationship friendly?

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