Update Your STOP DOING List

How many things are you doing right now that someone else would want to do? In your business, in your ministry or even just in your personal/family life?

Think about it.

There are a million things you are involved with and have to get done but how many of them could you hand off to someone else?

Years ago I assumed control of all the purchasing and presentation of our coffee service at Grand Point Church. At the time, it wasn’t a big deal and, once I got everything organized, it only took me a few minutes monthly to keep things stocked and moving. And then we grew…Big.
Gradually, this little process began taking more and more of my time and focus when my time and focus was best spent on things that only I can do.

It had come to the place where I needed to say no to something I loved (I love coffee and it’s culture) so I could say Yes to things that only I can accomplish.

In my situation, there was another staff member that had seen this developing months prior and was just waiting for my word so it took me little effort to fully hand off all my coffee ordering/organizing responsibilities.

The importance is that I saw something I was doing that someone else could and would be delighted to handle. It’s still getting accomplished, because it needs to, but it doesn’t have to be done by me.

Which leads me to my question to you. What are you currently doing that you don’t need to be owning? It still needs to get done, but you don’t have to be the doer.

I recently encouraged the Staff of Grand Point Ship to consider their own church responsibilities as we continue to grow and grow. Their respective responsibilities are growing as fast as the church is and it’s getting to unsustainable levels for each of them. They need to create a list of things that someone else could do. They need to create a “Stop Doing List” and begin looking for people that might be able to take what they need to stop doing.

What we need to recognize is that people are always looking for insider ownership.

I always have a running of on some doc or Evernote, I call it the “Stop Doing List”.

There are a lot of things we all do but it’s really important to realize that I’m not the only one that can do all the things I do!

I was so proud of one of the members of my team who recently told me they had recruited 4 people to take weight of responsibility off of her shoulders and place it on a group of people. She was elated to learn that other people who she already had relationship with would be willing to assist in helping move the vision forward!

One of the most dangerous places we can get with this is answering for people before we even ask. We say NO for them because we feel the ask is too large or arduous that no one would be interested in handling it only to realize that in fact they are, and more often than not, they want to carry even more than we’ve asked them too!

Now, my team mate is eager to find more people she can ask to be involved in moving the vision forward. It’s infectious!

What parts of your life or responsibility in your church, ministry, career or life could you get someone else involved in?
Fight Fight Fight the desire to make excuses and think that your situation is the most unique and that it just won’t work. To combat that, tell us your story in the comments below, inspire some others with how you’ve seen this come to life in your story?

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