Back to School

Today was the day that fathers everywhere have been dreaming about and mothers have been dreading—Back to School!
Maybe that’s not the way that scenario plays out for you and momma is dreaming and daddy is dreading. Maybe your both dreading or your both dreaming. Goodness, I need a whole other post just about that!
Either way, it’s time to get back at it.

How can you make this back to school season a success for your whole family?

Celebrate it
For every start, we celebrate with ice cream. So we go out for ice cream as the school year began and celebrating the end of summer and the love for learning. It’s something that keeps us connected as a family and gives our kids something to look forward to.
We’ve learned to celebrate a lot of things when it comes to school. We celebrate when teachers tell us they had great days.
We celebrate that they rode the bus.
We celebrate when they got good grades.
Good Lord, this is the only life we get, we might as well celebrate it all we can!

How do you celebrate?

Learn to love the routine
Kids thrive on consistency. We’ve learned this with our oldest son, Austin. He is good for just about anything as long as he knows it’s coming and how to prepare for it. Most of our kids are that way. They do better when things are the same. You’ve seen this in reverse. Have you ever noticed that it’s so hard for kids just after you return from vacation? It’s because they lost all semblance of routine and it’s difficult to re-engage in it.

Start something new
We are constantly trying to find new things to experience whether it’s all together or just a few. For me, my oldest is getting to the place where he wants to experience a bit more of the outdoors, so I’m going to teach him how to shoot and go hunting with him this fall.

Continue something old
As a Pastor, here’s my plug for you to jump back into church mode. We see this every summer where people walk minimize church so they can maximize their together time. It’s always a bit funny to me, but that’s probably because I am filled so much by being in church.
It’s time to get back into this habit of church mode, but let’s take it up a notch. Dive into your church and being serving somewhere. Chances are, your church is looking for people to help and you just might find a huge sense of belonging and purpose that you’ve never experienced before.

What do you find fun, difficult or frustrating with this back to school season?

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