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What’s in your hand?

The Lord wants to wow you in wonder of what He can do with what’s in your hand.

What’s in your hand right now? You’re scrolling through this post with your iPhone, so that’s in your hand.

Maybe it’s early in the morning where you are and so there’s a steaming cup of coffee in your hand.

I’ve been doing a lot of remodel work at a property we recently acquired, and so frequently there have been power tools in my hands.

Whatever it is that is in your hand, I believe the Lord wants you to know that He’s able to use whatever that is to put you in amazement of His astounding ability.

We get stuck a lot of times when we think the Lord can only do something amazing with things that are not in our hands. Left with the vacancy of emptiness, I see so many people who have limited themselves to what it missing. They see and compare their lives to those around them and have determined that born in a different setting or had they found access to a few cooler toys, they would have been unstoppable! But given their current reality, there’s just nothing can be done with so little.

When Moses struggled to see HOW God was going to deliver the people of Israel out of the hand of the most powerful person in the known world at that time, the Lord asked Moses what was in his hand and then proceeded to amazing Moses with what he could do with that simple piece of wood.

What the Lord was clearly demonstrating to Moses and every aspiring leader for centuries to come was that it mattered not what was available to them at any given moment. The Lord still works wonders even if there’s nothing in our hands.

After this encounter with Moses and God took place on that holy hill, Moses recorded this in Exodus 4:20, “Moses took his wife and sons and put them on a donkey for the return trip to Egypt. He had a firm grip on the staff of God.

This thing that previously had little value other than helping an old man trek through the wilderness suddenly took on an invaluable status. He was never going to let this thing out of his sight again!

What’s in your hand?

For me today, it’s my words. I am realizing the power of being able to put words together in such a way to move people.

A friend of mine who is a business owner mentioned this the thing in his hand was the staff that worked for him and he was beginning to realize the power of leadership through other people.

What would it to do you to begin realizing that the Lord’s power to change the world around you was already in your hand? What would you do differently because of that reality?

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