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Ghost Story

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I’m reading a great book right now, Spirit Rising by Jim Cymbala. He’s the Pastor of the renown, Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, New York. His powerhouse church centers around their Tuesday evening prayer meeting that has taken place for decades and draws thousands every week as people come to seek the Lord.

In our quest to launch our own Flow Night, we’ve been doing some reading about the movement of the Spirit. What we are recognizing is that the Spirit is God is prompting always and all we need to do is listen to Him as he leads. That’s where we end up struggling. We stop listening as he’s leading and we end up missing out on so much he may want to accomplish through us.

Something else I’ve learned is that stories of the Spirit’s movement are infectious. People genuinely want to be a part of a move of God, they just don’t know how. So I to begin writing out some of my own “Ghost Stories” to inspire you in your quest to see God move on your behalf.

May 5, 2019. I’m supposed to preach this day in Acts 1 and 2 and the coming of the Spirit of God to indwell and fill the first believers for the first time. This would be the opportunity for these first Christians to be a part of the raw power of God. Their lives would be fundamentally and dynamically changed forever after this pending experience.
Newsflash! Yours will too, once you realize the power that is at hand with the Salvation you have accepted.

Leading up to this Sunday I am praying that God will show this church what he is fully capable of. In Acts 2, the Spirit manifests himself through the sound of a gale force wind, so naturally, my prayer is that our church is sitting on the sidelines of a tornado.
I’m on the front row during our 3 song worship set looking around our building and wondering what it would be if that wind actually did come and I hear that voice. The still small one that prompts me and says, it might not be a gale force wind today, but my power still manifests itself in the same ways. The dead are still raised, giants are still slain and wonders are happening everywhere.
He also nudges me toward the Marine who just took a seat on the front row. I’ve never met him, but we’ve been praying for him for weeks. On April 8th, just one month before he comes home, three brothers in arms lost their lives in an IED attack on their battalion in Afganistan. Naturally, our hearts were hurting for those families that lost fathers, but what about these brothers who lost a fellow soldier? What happens with them as they struggle through the survivor’s anxiety?

The Lord is showing me that He, Himself is going to minister to the heart of this warrior and He’s going to do it through our church.

As our worship set culminates to the point where I take the stage, I have an immediate decision to make, follow the prompt or follow my notes.

I’ve been here before, so this doesn’t scare me a whole lot. It really just comes down to a few logistical things where I decided what I am going to ask our team to do while I am following the prompt.

So I walk up on stage and lean into the ear of the person playing keys and just tell them to keep playing and follow my lead.

For the first few minutes of this conversation I tell the church and remind them that we are a different church, that we declared a head of time that we would follow the leading of the Spirit as he directs.

I encouraged them to make themselves at home. To mind the gap between them as our living room seems to be very packed this morning and then I make a comment that God has been working in me for a while now, to disarm. Weeks ago, the Lord gave me this vision of our church walking into this place with full armor and it was preventing them from full worship. In order to really receive the fullness of the Lord, they needed to disarm.

Then I look at this Marine, and the poor guy has no idea what’s coming, neither did I, I was just following the prompt. I introduced myself to him and shook his hand, we’ve never met before. All I did was introduce him to the church and the poor guy is in tears.

He’s been wearing his armor for too long.

I just felt the Lord telling me that he had been surrounded by evil for so long and that he needed to be surrounded by peace and love. So this Marine guest, on his first Sunday at Grand Point Ship became the center focus of our entire church.

Saying just one word and the church got what I wanted and they moved. First one, then two, then a hundred. Nearly every person was surrounding this Marine with their hands and then they lifted their voices. All together, in the name of Jesus over this young man.

It was such a holy moment that was happening right in front of us.

Tears were flowing and in that moment I felt the wind begin to blow. The sound of that rushing wind took over and we were in the middle of a move of God yet again.

See here’s the reality the flag is never going to fly out of control because of the gale force wind of the Spirit, but it will get crazy windy in the hearts of everyone of those people who are now experiencing a first hand interaction with the Spirit of God.

My prayer, as I continue on this journey, is that I can be constant with my ears tuned to the prompt of the Spirit because there are a lot of tired and worn out soldiers out there who need to take their armor off.

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