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The Healing Power of Tacos

I’ve been on a taco eating binge lately. It’s the way I manifest my inner Latin American. Truth is, I greatly miss my time in Latin America and the smells of the streets and the aroma of constantly cooking food. The spices fill the air no matter where you go. It never fails, every time I smell the smoke of an open fire, my mind races back to the villages of Mexico where there was always a fire going somewhere that someone was making fresh corn tortillas and refined beans. Sometimes I just long for a genuine bowl of frijoles con puerco. It’s an acquired taste and the first few times I tried it, I detested the stuff, but over time, it grew on me. God only knows if I’ll ever get to experience that again.

Truth is, I’m hungry for a good authentic experience with Mexican food. Not the kind that comes from some American establishment, but one that comes from the mud hut of an aged Mexican woman who’s been cooking for her family and all those who enter her home for years. Nothing will satisfy that hunger.

Not Chipotle.

Not Torchy’s Tacos

Certainly not whatever they sell at Taco Bell.

I need the real thing!

Recently I went on a fast. I’ll talk about that at a later time, but I learned through that time what it’s like to be hungry. For me, it wasn’t about my gut level, stomach, hungry- it was a God hungry. During that time, the Lord lead me back to this verse, Matthew 5:6- “Blessed are those who HUNGER and THIRST after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Like a good authentic taco dinner, I want to be FILLED with the goodness of the Word of God, and I want to be BLESSED by the experience of it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been horrendously busy. Too busy. When you’re too busy, you start making excuses for a lot of things.

Time with the ones closest to you.

Compromising in areas you never thought you’d change.

What I found for me was that I was also short changing my relationship with my Father. I am around him, it’s like I give him that across-the-room nod but we don’t actually spend anytime talking to each other.

Relationships need time to foster, to connect, to continue and to thrive.

That’s why Jesus said- “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness- they will be filled.

I’m lacking that blessing right now, because, in some ways, I’m trying to fill myself on something that’s not filling. I need the blessing and filling of the Word of God.
It comes through so many different forms, so don’t narrow yourself down to just reading the Scripture. That’s super important, but it’s not the only way. What are other people of God saying? Through their speaking or through their writing, you can connect further with the Lord.

David had this to say at the beginning of Psalms that directly correlates with what Jesus said in Matthew, Psalm 1:2- Blessed is the man…that delights in the law of the Lord.

I love the way Peterson translated that for The Message, “You thrill to God’s Word, you chew on scripture day and night.”

What you’re going to find as you integrate this food into your daily life is that it begins to pour out of you all the time. It’s the first thing on your mind as you face what comes at you day after day. They are the last and final threads as you drift off to sleep.

Are you hungry for a real and valid experience with the Lord? It’s time to make the effort to find the real thing- the One True source of real filling.

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